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Gemini Partners with Pepsi-Cola

Published May 27, 2006

Beginning in May, Gemini Sound Products will partner with Pepsi-Cola on the soft-drink giant’s 2006 Pepsi DJ Division radio and in-store retail sweeps promotion, which goes through December 2006. Pepsi created the Pepsi DJ Division in 2005, celebrating local DJs who discover new music through radio, club and mixtape performances. The DJ Division consists of 6 DJs from across the country whom all play a major role in the music scene of their local market.

These DJ’s include: Spinbad (NYC), Pharris (Chicago), Tayrock (Atlanta), Kim James (Detroit), Quiksilva (Washington DC), DJ Ro (New Orleans), DJ Khaled (Miami-Ft. Lauderdale). The national DJ Division (as seen on pepsiworld.com , smash.yahoo.com and numerous urban magazines) and Gemini’s products will be featured in an upcoming Pepsi TV spot, in the radio program in these major urban markets and on the POP materials for the in-store sweeps program (to follow later this year).

Annually, the Pepsi DJ Division has contests through their retail and radio channels. For 2006, the theme is “You Be the DJ…” where the division gives away tons of DJ gear for prospective winners to be able to attain their dream of using DJ gear and becoming a DJ.

Listen during these mix show DJ’s show on the following stations to get your chance to win one of 4 Gemini Scratchmaster 5.0 DJ packages and other fantastic Gemini products during the month of May.

New York / WWPR Power 105.1
Chicago / WPWX Power 92
Atlanta / WVEE V103 (103.03)
Detroit / WJLB FM 98
Washington, DC / WPGC 95.5
New Orleans / WQUE Q93
Miami-Ft. Lauderdale / WEDR 99 Jamz

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