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EZ Dupe Introduces “Sexy” New Line-Up

Published Nov 4, 2003

EZ Dupe a major manufacturer of Compact Disc & DVD stand alone duplication systems announced their new brand new line of Aluminum cased models. These sexy new units are designed for professional DJ’s and office. They present a completely new expression to a product category that offered little in the way of visual panache.

EZ Dupe Director, Howard Kopelson said, “this new product design coupled with the horsepower of our CD and DVD duplicators not only makes the product stand out aesthetically, but establishes a sexy business-like ambiance to any office environment. It’s a ‘look at me watch what I can do’ sort of attitude that stresses the professional posture of this brash product”.

EZ Dupes’ duplication systems are configured with the ability to provide the user an opportunity to replicate simultaneously multiple copies of CD’s or DVD’s. The time saving equipment requires no computer enabling production in any space. Simple to use and hasty in it’s output, up to and over a thousand CD copies can be made in a business day. Today the opportunity to transfer music and data to multiple locations, create catalogs, instruction guides or even presentations to sales forces can become a routine event. The speed and now inexpensive investment in professional quality duplication equipment has created an impetus for organizations to create and produce an entirely new touchstone in commerce tools.

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