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DMC World Champion DJ Etronik Takes American Audio VMS4 On Tour

Published Mar 8, 2011
VMS Tour

You’ve heard the DJ industry buzz about it, seen it at the DJ Expo, Mobile Beat and NAMM shows. . . now you can experience the full-blown power of American Audio’s ground-breaking VMS4 Digital Work Station in the hands of a world-competition-winning master. DMC USA champion DJ Etronik will be taking the VMS4 on an exclusive road tour in Miami on March 22-23, the same week of the Ultra Music Festival, where he will demonstrate the amazing capabilities of this cutting-edge 4-channel MIDI controller, which comes bundled with Virtual DJ LE software.

The first DJ to have represented the United States at the DMC World Finals in all three categories, Los Angeles-based Etronik is sure to provide an entertaining and educational experience for DJs of all levels. Along with Etronik’s spectacular re-mixing and beat-juggling performances on the VMS4, there will be question-answer sessions, giveaways and special pricing for attendees.

The demos will be held:
Tuesday March 22 -- 6-8 pm – Space Music, 13630 W. Dixie Hwy, Miami FL 33161, 
                                    (305) 981-8945
Wednesday March 23-- 6-8 pm – Extreme Pro Sound, 3399 NW 72nd Ave., Suite 118, 
                                     Miami FL 33122, (305) 994-7922

“If you’ve ever wondered what the future of DJ-ing will look like, now is your chance to see it first hand,” said Tom Freret, national sales manager for American Audio. “The VMS4 is truly a breakthrough product for the industry. It’s an amazingly versatile piece of gear with 4 selectable dual-purpose MIDI or analog channels, so it can be used either with a computer and USB for digital DJ-ing or as a regular mixer without a computer. 

“Today’s mobile entertainers work with a variety of media – a computer, conventional audio gear or switching between the two-- and the VMS4 gives them the flexibility to perform however they choose,” Freret added. “Plus, it’s loaded with premium features such as 2 jog wheels, a built-in mousepad, and Virtual DJ LE software. I can think of no better performer to show off the VMS4 to its fullest advantage than DJ Etronik, who is one of the most skilled and creative members of our industry.”

However, Freret noted, one of the best things about the VMS4 is that you don’t have to have the expertise of an Etronik to start using it right out of the box. The Virtual DJ LE software that comes with the unit makes it easy for even total novices to get started in the digital DJ-ing world. And if you prefer to use other DJ software programs, the versatile VMS4 platform can accommodate those too, via free driver downloads on American Audio’s VMS4 website (www.vms4dj.com ).

Both PC and Mac-compatible, the VMS4 combines a professional club mixer with four selectable MIDILOG (MIDI or analog) channels, two touch-sensitive table-top decks with jog wheels, and a MIDI controller. It includes 2 mic channels with gain/treble/mid/bass control, Crossfader Curve Adjustment, and a mousepad that allows DJs to make their selections right from the top of the unit.

Experience the revolutionary VMS4 firsthand by attending a demo! For more information, call Space Music at (305) 981-8945, or Extreme Pro Sound at (305) 994-7922. Learn more about the VMS4 by visiting www.vms4dj.com

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