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DJzone Network Announces New Server Enhancement

Published Dec 23, 2004
it’s the same type of server used by internet giants like Google, Yahoo ...

The DJzone Network, the leading provider of news, information and internet services for the DJ and entertainment industries, today announced they have upgraded their web servers to provide faster load times for the many DJ and music industry sites they host and to access their over 250,000 pages of content.

“We’re excited to now be powered by the new Rackable Systems C2004 Compute server appliance,” announced Sid Vanderpool, president of the DJzone Network. “Featuring 4 gigs of RAM, it’s the same type of server used by internet giants like Google, Yahoo and WebEx; and Fortune 500 companies like Sony, Toshiba and Pfizer.”

The new DJzone server is tied into a multi-redundant OC-255, which is a fiber optic connection that can handle 13.21Gbps connection speeds on the main east-west North American trunk line.

“We’ve also enhanced our mail servers’ spam protection utilizing the top 6 international spam databases,” Vanderpool added. “The spam data is regularly updated to provide highest degree of spam protection for our hosting clients.”

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The DJzone network has over 60,000 registered members worldwide and was recently chosen by SpikeTV to promote their new reality show “The Club”, about the trials and tribulations of launching a new Las Vegas nightclub.

The DJZone Network consists of 11 synergistic websites covering every facet of the club and mobile disc jockey industry including www.DJZone.net, www.DJZone.com, www.DJChat.com, www.theDJMall.com, www.ClubDJZone.com, www.DJGearBid.com, www.MDJU.com, www.411DJ.com, www.FromDJ.com, www.PartyPros.com, and www.TheWeddingHelper.com.

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