Dec 7, 2023

DJM-2000 Firmware Update

Published Jul 22, 2011

Pioneer DJ is offering a free firmware update that adds cool new features as well as improved performance capabilities to its flagship DJM-2000 Professional Performance DJ Mixer.  The update Version 2.0 is available for download at

A video demonstration using the new “DJM-2000 Firmware Update 2.0” can also be viewed here.

The DJM-2000 firmware update includes:

·         Improved BEAT EFFECT accuracy with the addition of the QUANTIZE function - The update includes the Quantize function which automatically corrects the BEAT EFFECT to play on-beat using the beat position information analyzed in Pioneer’s rekordboxTM music management software.   Users can easily obtain the beat position and BPM information of songs playing from Pioneer’s PRO DJ LINKED digital players allowing users to apply effects on-beat with 100% accuracy. 

  • Updated REVERB function for dynamic song arrangement - The update incorporates a new REVERB BEAT EFFECT that enables users to adjust not only the length of the reverb effect but also the openness of the simulated space at the same time.  The change results in an increased strength of the effects and allows the user to dynamically arrange songs during the mixing process.
  • Higher volume adjustment on the built-in NOISE feature - The update increases the maximum volume output for the NOISE INST FX effect.  Users can add sufficient NOISE even when songs are playing at extremely high volume levels.
  • Updated FILTER function for quick effect performance -The latest change to the FILTER BEAT EFFECT enables the user to turn the effect off by simply turning the level knob all the way to the left.  The user can smoothly turn the FILTER effect ON and OFF for quick and easy effect performance.

The DJM-2000 Mixer is available at Pioneer DJ retailers for a suggested retail price of $2999.

For more information about the DJM-2000 Mixer visit:

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