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DJ Times Announces DJ Seminars for DJ Expo 2008

Published Jul 15, 2008

Mobile System Operators: Laying The Foundations For Success
For over 18 years, the International DJ Expo has presented the most informative, most topical, and most intensive DJ seminars in the United States. Whether you’re a single mobile operator working the local Wedding and Mitzvah circuit or a multi-system owner building a business and looking at the big picture, the 2008 International DJ Expo’s new and improved Mobile Operator Track will show you how to step to the next level with educational seminars, in-depth discussion panels, hands-on workshops, and exciting networking opportunities.

With special concentration on cultivating clients, how to sell and market your services more effectively, purchasing the best equipment for your budget, using new technology and perfecting your performances, the DJ Expo’s Mobile Operator seminars will impart the very best professional advice, give you fresh insights and unique tools to set your company apart from the rest, and help guide you up the professional ladder.

Sales, Marketing & Business Development for Mobile Operators
How you market your company and develop your business can be the difference between failure and success. The most successful mobile operators in the business will show you how to maximize your company’s potential.

• Mobile Sales ABC’s: Closing The Deal
• Channel Marketing for Mobiles: Increasing Your Return on Investment
• Multi-System Operators: Recruiting, Training & Maintaining Your Next DJ
• Pursuing Fresh Options: Alternative Markets for DJs
• School Parties: Performance & Marketing


Tips & Techniques
Our Tips & Techniques sessions deliver powerful performance and promotion-enhancing approaches to separate you from your competition.

• Bridal Showcases: Maximizing Your Presentation
• Bar Mitzvah Games: Beyond The Mitzvah
• Workshop: Myths & Methods of Beatmixing
• Making Tracks: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know
• Music Programming: Advanced Mixing Tips & Techniques
• Performance Upgrade: DJ Games & Multimedia


Products & Technology
Twenty years ago CD turntables and digital music files like MP3’s were as science-fiction as Star Wars. Learn first-hand about the latest and greatest innovations in DJ technology.

• Riding the Technology Wave: Digital DJing, LED
Lights & More
• Video Ventures: What’s Next for VJs?
• Sponsored Product Seminars (TBA)


DJ Culture & Music 2.0: Navigating the New Music Business Paradigm
Being a DJ in 2008 means much more than mixing two records together. Regardless of where you’re spinning - Top-40 venues, glammed-out hyper-branded superclubs, or dark-and-dirty late-night underground hotspots - today’s DJ’s need to be able know how to rock the crowd, work with club promoters and managers, create original and exclusive productions in the studio, adapt to new advances in technology AND stay on top of the ever-changing state of the music business!

The 2008 International DJ Expo’s all-new DJ Culture & Music 2.0 Track is what you need to give you the insights and knowledge to get yourself to the next stage. How? By connecting DJs and Producers, both veterans and upstarts alike, with some of the industry’s most knowledgeable and successful Talents and Business Executives to learn, network, and exchange ideas.


Maneuvering The Business
Today’s Digital Music Paradigm has radically changed how people discover, hear, interact and purchase music. Our “Maneuvering The Business” sessions will reveal the secrets to blowing up big on your own terms.

• A&R Listening Session Panel
• Music Industry Roundtable: The Business of Music, Not The Music Business.
• It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know: Music 2.0 Networking Seminar
• Artist Panel: Meet The Hitmakers
• Niche DJs: Tapping the ‘Long Tail’ to Success
• Dance-Music Radio: The Future Is Now
• Record Pools: Still Relevant After All These Years


Rocking The Crowd
Today’s superstars had to develop the basic DJing and production skills before they began to make hit records and jetset to nightclubs in exotic places around the world.

• Workshop: Demystifying the Art of Beatmixing
• Music Programming: Advanced Mixing Tips & Techniques
• Video Ventures: What’s Next for VJs?


Making The Music
Our Making The Music workshops help to demystify the studio experience and position today’s DJs and Producers to set themselves apart.

• Remix & Additional Production By: The Remixer/Producer Panel
• Making Tracks: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know
• Sponsored Seminars (TBA)


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Register here: http://www.djtimes.com/djexpo

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