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Denon DN-HP700 & DN-X120 Two From NAMM 2008

Published Jan 18, 2008

Denon DJ, a leading manufacturer of reliable, premium-grade DJ equipment, showcased a broad range of high-performance products for working DJs at NAMM 2008.

DN-HP700 Headphones: Durability, Reliability and Style

Denon DJ’s sturdy new DN-HP700 headphones are designed with the durability, reliability and style required by today’s hard-working DJs. With their powerful 40mm drivers and 1,700mW of input power and Neodymium magnet technology, they provide clear, pure audio performance. Swivel ear cups allow for easy one-ear monitoring. In addition, a convenient one-side exit coiled cable and neat folding design add to their compact portability. The DN-HP700 headphones are scheduled to ship this month for a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $149.99.

Denon DN-HP700 & DN-X120 Two From NAMM 2008-Body-2

DN-X120 Compact Performance Mixer: Great Sound Quality In Tight Portable Package

Denon DN-HP700 & DN-X120 Two From NAMM 2008-Body

Designed as a replacement for the popular Denon DX-100, the new DN-X120 Compact Performance Mixer offers unprecedented sound quality in a super-compact, tight package. One of the smallest professional-quality DJ mixers on the market, the new DN-X100 features dual switchable phono/lines, with 2 line inputs as well as advanced 45mm VCA faders, microphone input and 3-band EQ. Balanced and unbalanced outputs offer total flexibility, and a 10 segments level meter adds to the unit’s utility and performance. The streamlined portable unit also offers the many advanced features that made the DX-100 the compact mixer of choice for many top professional DJs, such as cross fader and channel fader reverse, channel fader contour, program channel reverse, gain control, headphone split cue and more. The DN-X120 is scheduled to ship in March 2008 with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $299.99.

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