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Christmas in Minnesota a little Greener this year

Published Dec 21, 2007

Greeting those seeking some extra holiday spirit at the governor’s mansion is a Christmas tree standing over 20 feet and illuminated by 3-CHAUVET COLORado™ 3 units installed by Norcostco. The units allow the color of the tree to remain in a constant state of flux, leading passers-by to wonder, “How do they do that?” A CHAUVET COLORado 1 lights the Christmas wreath, and surrounding area, above the front door. The units are all running through preset programming, and provide remarkable illumination.

Christmas in Minnesota a little Greener this year-Body-3
Christmas in Minnesota a little Greener this year-Body-2
Christmas in Minnesota a little Greener this year-Body

Making the switch from incandescent to all-Led lighting has saved a considerable sum of money, with power bills dropping from $1,300.00 to approximately $130.00, and carbon emissions from 18.7 tons to about 4 tons, according to estimate from the Minnesota State Energy Office. The IP65 rating of the COLORado™ units is getting a rugged test, with temperatures cold enough to prompt Norcostco director of Technical Projects Rob Koontz to comment, “I lost the feeling in my index finger taking these pictures.”

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