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Published Sep 22, 2011
Gadgets Live

CHAUVET®, a leading manufacturer of professional lighting, announces that Gadgets Live, a performance stage at the Center of Science and Industry, recently became more entertaining thanks to the installation of various CHAUVET® gear. The large stage houses eight different themed shows throughout the year, that are educational and engaging. Doug Northeim, owner of Red Fish Illuminations, specified the fixtures and created the lighting design. He used a SlimPAR™ 38  and 11 SlimPAR™ PRO RGBA wash lights, 11 COLORrail™ effect lights, three DMX-4 Dimmer/Relay packs, and one Data Stream™ 4 splitter.

a new spark and excitement

“It created a new spark and excitement,” Northeim said about the new design. “After seeing several of the existing shows, I realized we needed just as much lighting bang and visual pop from the lighting system as we get from the many loud and bright experiments that end with explosions or flame effects.”

It took just a few CHAUVET® fixtures to transform the space. SlimPAR™ PRO RGBA units acted as the side and backlighting for an even stage wash. The units’ range of colors helped differentiate the themed shows. Hidden behind the large center stage were COLORrail™ fixtures that brought the background to life. The fixtures provided a color-changing backdrop that gave an animated look to the gear-shaped props used throughout the set.

“SlimPAR™ PRO RGBA and COLORrail™ fixtures provided the best bang for the buck,” Northeim said. “Everybody was very happy with the capabilities of the fixtures.”

Northeim said the Gadgets Live installation led to a new test project at the museum using variable white LEDs. The museum also decided to use more CHAUVET® gear for their rental facility used for different events, such as weddings and parties.

Gear list:
SlimPAR™ 38
11 x SlimPAR™ PRO RGBA
11 x COLORrail™
3 x DMX-4 Dimmer/Relay
Data Stream™ 4 splitter

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