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CHAUVET DJ Halloween Scream Test

Published Jul 23, 2015
scream test

The CHAUVET DJ team is looking for DJs who want to have a frightfully good time being a part of the annual Halloween video produced by the company’s marketing team. DJs who think they have what it takes to give people the creeps or scare them witless are invited to submit an appropriately ghoulish or horrifying photo or video clip of themselves to CHAUVET DJ for the company’s Halloween Scream Test contest. 

The company will select the three scariest entries to weave into the 2015 Chauvet Halloween video. Winners will receive one of three CHAUVET DJ products and will have their name included in the video credit

“We’ve done Halloween videos for the past two years and they’ve become so popular, it’s scary,” said Geoff Short, Customer Engagement Manager of CHAUVET DJ. “Our team has enjoyed doing these videos so much, we wanted to include our customers in the fun. So we’re inviting everyone to send us a photo or a video clip of themselves that’s appropriate for a Halloween video.”

CHAUVET DJ will select three of the photos or video clips submitted and weave them into the company’s Halloween video.  For example, the winning photos may show up as pictures on the wall of a haunted house, and the selected videos may be playing on a TV screen in the background while ghosts and witches plot their Halloween mischief.

“There’s no end to how we can use the photos or videos we receive,” said Short. “Our team is very creative and so are our customers, so this should be fun. We’ll select three photos and/or video clips and include them in our final production. The winners will get cool prizes and they’ll also be included in the credits at the end of the video. We’re looking forward to this contest

Entering the CHAUVET DJ Halloween Scream Test contest is as easy as getting candy when you’re trick-or-treating.  Entrants simply have to email their photo or video to and include their name, email address and phone number. The winners will receive the following prizes:

·         First Prize – A CHAUVET DJ Geyser RGB

·         Second Prize – A CHAUVET DJ SlimBANK UV-18

·         Third Prize – A CHAUVET DJ SlimPAR Hex 3 IRC

The contest is open to all DJs anywhere in the world. Entries will be judged on originality and appropriateness for inclusion in the CHAUVET DJ Halloween video. “We’re want DJs to be creative and original, to come up with material that lends itself to being included in a video storyline, which means that it’s something that will stimulate ideas in other people,” said Short. “We urge DJs to let their imaginations run wild, but any videos that are offensive or endanger people or animals will be immediately disqualified.”

The deadline for submitting entries in the CHAUVET DJ Halloween Scream Test contest is 5pm Eastern Time Friday August 21. Winners will be announced on the CHAUVET DJ Facebook page on Tuesday August 25.  The video clips submitted for consideration in the contest should be no longer than one minute in length. CHAUVET DJ reserves the right to edit or modify photos and videos submitted in this contest. For complete rules, terms and conditions visit the CHAUVET DJ website page.

As a special “treat” to all the DJs who participate in this contest, CHAUVET DJ will be posting photos and video clips of the non-winning entries on its Facebook page every day in October.

“We all have a lot of fun with our Halloween videos and we want to share it with our customers,” said Short. “We know that our customers are very creative so we’re looking forward to get some great entries in this contest. It will be our Halloween treat to see them. So send us your photos or videos!”

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