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Published Sep 13, 2013
Cake Shop


Cake Shop Live Music Venue recently upgraded its entire PA system with Cerwin-Vega!®’s new P-Series professional PA system and a CVM Mixer. Previously employing an aging system combining a mix of solutions from different manufacturers, Cake Shop sought a high-end PA that’s better equipped to support the variety of Indie musicians and DJs who perform at the venue. Bearing this in mind, Cake Shop’s owners selected a Cerwin-Vega! P-Series system for its ability to deliver consistent, powerful sound throughout the stage and audience areas, ensuring performers achieve the highest quality of sound possible, regardless of their music genre.

Controlled at front-of-house by a 16-channel Cerwin-Vega! CVM Mixer, the setup includes seven P1500X two-way, bi-amped, full-range bass-reflex speakers and four P1800SX-powered subwoofers. The P1800SX’s large woofer and amplifier offer the Cerwin-Vega!-trademark high-level bass punch and extreme low-end response. The proprietary hemi-conical horn of the P1500X, meanwhile, gives the venue enhanced sound clarity over an even, wide coverage area.

“The new Cerwin-Vega! P-Series system sounds amazing,” says Nick Bodor, co-owner of Cake Shop Live Music Venue and Record Store. “Although I’m not a musician, I’m very much a music fan, and I know what I like. With the P-Series, the room’s sound is completely improved and we have a lot more control of the audio. The way the instruments and vocals are separated out, everything just sounds really good. With the P-Series, the audio doesn’t need to be blasting; it can be at a comfortable level and still make for an awesome show.”

Primarily a live music venue, recent performances at Cake Shop have included the indie bands Literature and Jazz Butcher as well as touring bands from Wales and Montreal. Visitors on Friday or Saturday nights can also jam out with a variety of DJs who spin when the bands are between sets or have finished for the night. The venue also hosts underground comedy and reading series on weekdays and comedian Reggie Watts recently stopped by for a set, which is known to do on occasion. With a fully packed schedule and varying types of performances, Cake Shop needs gear that is both durable and versatile. As its P1500X can be used as a single speaker for a small venue, set in pairs for a larger venue needing more coverage and SPL, or side mounted as a floor monitor for a band, the P-Series fulfills these requirements perfectly.

“Because we’re open seven days a week and we host a series of touring bands, our equipment takes a bit of a beating over time,” explains Bodor. “With our previous system, our sound engineer was always soldering stuff, pulling out speakers and replacing them. It was a real miss-match of equipment, but he always made it work. With the P-Series, we no longer have to worry about swapping out gear to keep our consistent sound. My brother Andy co-owns Cake Shop with me, and a big part of our philosophy is that we always want our sound to be good.”

Bodor isn’t the only one who has noticed the difference. “We want bands to feel like they have a good experience here,” he explains. “All of the visiting sound engineers love the new system. Every time I’m around them, they tell me how great it is.”

The Cerwin-Vega! P-Series delivers a new standard in power and bass punch, suited for any sound reinforcement application, from live performances to public speeches. The P1500X speaker is the most powerful PA product in its price class, employing a 15-inch woofer and high-frequency compression driver, powered by a custom 1500W Class-D amp. The P1800SX powered subwoofer features an 18-inch woofer with a custom 2000W Class-D amp. Both pieces include a built-in mixer with I/O connections, allowing for simple and fast setup, while enhanced EQ, VEGA BASS boost and high-pass filters enable exact tuning and exceptional performance for any event.

With a café and record store on the ground level, Cake Shop is a versatile venue for performance lovers of all degrees. Bands like MGMT and Vampire Weekend got their start on the CakeShop stage and artists like Surfer Blood, Spoon and Peter Bjorn & John have performed secret shows at the venue.  

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