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C.B.I. Releases The Ultimate Shield

Published Jun 25, 2007

C.B.I. has created the Ultimate Shield microphone cable specifically to provide increased RF screening for critical applications in live performance and recording where there are particular problems with radio transmission or mobile phones.

C.B.I. Releases The Ultimate Shield-Spotlight

The Ultimate Shield features MOGAMI 2534 Neglex Quad cable, which has been engineered for use where intense RFI interference is a problem. The cable is completed by Neutrik EMC XLR connectors, which are designed to guarantee a continuous RF shield connection from the cable to the chassis connector housing via circular capacitor around the cable shield. An EMI suppression ferrite bead between pin 1 and the cable screen provides a low-pass filter for improved RF rejection.

This combination results in an effective pin-to-pin solution for shielding radio frequency and electromagnetic interference.

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