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Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association Inc.

Published Nov 12, 2008

The Canadian Online Disc Jockey Association Inc., (CODJA) Canada’s largest professional disc jockey association, announced today that the association has changed its corporate name and has become The Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association Inc. (CPDJA).

An amendment to change the association’s corporate name was filed with the government in September 2008 by the association’s corporate attorney and has now been approved. The association remains a not-for-profit association. The new name change will be reflected immediately in almost all communications with the membership. Website and logo updates will be over the coming weeks. This is the first time that the over 1,000 member association has changed its name since it was founded in 2000.

It was also announced that the association will restructure its management team for 2009. The current Board of Directors will be expanded to five directors and the operating Board of Management to ten managing department heads effective January 1, 2009. The plan also calls for a new Executive Board for 2009 including a new President. In the interim Dennis Hampson will remain in the position of President and CEO until January 2009 with Dina Deveau newly appointed as the Vice President.

“Our expanding membership over the past few years and the growth of our consumer profile necessitated this change to clarify exactly what this association is about in specific terms” stated CPDJA President and CEO Dennis E. Hampson. “We represent professional DJ members in over 250 locations across Canada and it was time to move past the perception by the consumer that we were merely an online association”.

About CPDJA:

The Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association Inc. (CPDJA) has grown into the largest Professional Disc Jockey Association in Canada. Their Mission is to promote professionalism in the disc jockey service industry through information, education, training and support for our membership. The CPDJA strives to maintain the highest standards of service to consumers in the areas of planning, organizing and coordinating the use of the services of our professional membership. Through the Association’s website www.cpdja.ca consumers may search for a Disc Jockey by location and other criteria. The CPDJA provides many benefits to it’s members such as assistance with obtaining licensing and insurance for their services, and allowing members to list their entertainment specialties such as language, culture and music specialties on the association website www.cpdja.ca in order to help consumers find the right DJ for their occasion

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