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Bedrock Star Selects Xone:92 For Album Tour

Published May 19, 2005

DJ Jonathan Lisle selected Allen & Heath’s industry standard Xone:92 mixer to produce his first commercial album, ‘O:S_2 Jonathan Lisle’, for Bedrock’s new Original Series. Famously discovered by John Digweed, himself a devoted Xone:92 user, Lisle is also using the mixer on a 35-date tour to promote the album.

“I am really happy with how the album has turned out. I deconstructed most of the tracks and created new loops out of the elements and then mixed them live to produce a single 80-minute piece. I used 5 CDs, an effects unit, and a synth, all synchronised via MIDI using the Xone:92, so the album is both technically and musically complex,” comments Jonathan Lisle.

The subsequent promotional tour is taking Lisle all over Europe, Asia and the USA, including numerous dates performing with Digweed.

“The Xone:92 is an awesome mixer. The MIDI control really helps by allowing me to control the tempo of the keyboards and external effects units, and the addition of the LFO to open the filters lets me use them in a whole new, more subtle way on my Bedrock album material. It's now the first piece of equipment on my technical rider for all my gigs," concludes Lisle.

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