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Beamz Interactive Unveils the Beamz Player

Published Aug 3, 2010

Beamz Interactive, an interactive music products company that develops innovative musical instruments and music entertainment products to enable people of all ages and skill levels to play music, today unveiled the Beamz Player at the E3 Expo (Dynaflex Booth #5754). This new and improved interactive music system features a sleek, smaller-footprint design with four laser beams that trigger up to 12 different instruments, music clips, sound effects, or vocals as you pass your hands through the beams. Each beam controls a different pre-programmed instrument, rhythm or sound, so users can easily arrange and create their own music each time they play a song. The Beamz Player will be available for purchase at www.thebeamz.com beginning August 1, 2010 for $199.95. In addition, users may also purchase the new Beamz height adjustable stand, which provides an easy and convenient storage display option beginning August 1, 2010 for $49.95. And, Beamz is developing a software developer's kit (available in Q3) so that software publishers may create gaming or any other applications to use the Beamz Player as a laser controller.

The Beamz Player system comes with 50 top-hit “jam” and original Beamz songs including 5 popular music videos for users to watch and play simultaneously, and the ShadowBeamz interactive game which allows users to sharpen their playing skills. The Beamz Player is ideal for everyone regardless of musical background from age 7 to 107, and kids even younger can have fun playing the Beamz with assistance because you can’t play a wrong note!

“We are excited to launch the Beamz Player and welcome more ‘Beamers’ into the interactive music revolution,” said Beamz Interactive CEO Charles Mollo. “The Beamz Player allows you to do things with music, videos and games that you have never been able to do before, especially if you have no prior music experience. Our interactive music song library gives users access to top hits, party favorites and original works from Grammy-award winning artists from all music styles such as rock, jazz, reggae, pop, blues, classical, dance and hip hop. The Beamz Player is also supported by an online community of Beamz players, who you can meet, interact with and share your Beamz creations with.”

We are excited to launch the Beamz Player and welcome more ‘Beamers’ into the interactive music revolution

New Video Jam Songs
The Beamz Player includes a whole new way to experience making music with the addition of 5 new video jam songs, which are interactive versions that use original master recordings and videos licensed from EMI Music. Beamz Interactive is also in dialogue with other labels and publishers to rapidly expand its video jam song library. Additional video jam songs will be available for purchase for $3.99 each from www.thebeamz.com beginning August 1, 2010. Interacting with video jam songs provides consumers a rich and unique music entertainment experience – this dynamic new content for the Beamz Player goes beyond traditional music gaming products.

How the Beamz Player Works
Powered by a computer through a USB port, the Beamz Player is easy to install and begin using. You can create and arrange the music differently each time you play a song by changing the way you play the light. Then, you can record your performances of Beamz songs right into the computer and save the music as a wave file (*.wav) or as a Windows Media file (*.wma) to share. In addition to receiving 50 songs with your system, the Beamz website offers a music library with over a hundred different songs, including original, top hits and kids songs for purchase. Once you select a song, you can choose to sit back and listen; re-arrange the song by interactively passing your hand through the laser beams you select; or actively experience music videos by adding a sound effect to a video while it’s playing. You can also choose to play the fun, interactive game ShadowBeamz, which challenges players to mimic prompted cues of when to break the beams. ShadowBeamz players can advance up three different levels and record and compare scores. Visit the Beamz Community to download more Beamz games and experience the next generation of gaming without a keyboard or mouse.

Leading the Way in Interactive Music – A New Approach to Making Music
Unlike traditional music, where a musician plays a song by reading and performing to a defined musical score, playing interactive music is spontaneous, dynamic, creative and free flowing — there is no musical score to follow. Whereas a traditional song pre-determines which instruments should be played, an interactive song is composed so that the player may select any instrument or combination of instruments at any time. Interactive music compositions consist of a selection of music clips that could possibly be played at any given moment during a song and are designed for players to perform interactive music with limitless possibilities.

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