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Published Nov 13, 2008

For the 15th consecutive year, Audio-Technica has supported the Country Music Association (CMA) Awards by providing an extensive selection of vocal and instrument microphones for its annual awards show. The 42nd Annual CMA Awards aired live in 5.1-channel surround sound Wednesday, November 12th, on the ABC Television Network from the Sommet Center in Nashville, Tennessee, and featured over 250 hard-wired and wireless Audio-Technica microphones. From backline vocal and instrument mics to frontline wireless systems for leading country artists such as Brooks & Dunn, as well as Audio-Technica endorsers Jason Aldean and Kenny Chesney, Audio-Technica was chosen to provide its clear and consistent quality for this star-studded live broadcast.

The CMA Awards presentation is recognized as Country Music's Biggest NightTM and represents the pinnacle of achievement for those involved in country music. Once again, Audio-Technica microphones were featured for their accurate and reliable sound reproduction -- characteristics that have dictated A-T's long-standing presence with country music artists.

The team responsible for the audio at this year's CMA's included a who's who of broadcast audio. The audio was supervised by award-winning Audio Producers Michael Abbott and Tom Davis; ATK/Audiotek provided the sound system with FOH (front-of-house) Production Mixer Patrick Baltzell and FOH Music Mixer Rick Shimer; the broadcast music mix was handled by Frenchtown, New Jersey-based Music Mix Mobile Music Mixers John Harris and Jay Vicari.

Audio-Technica endorser Kenny Chesney once again won CMA's Entertainer of the Year, with 2008 being the fourth time he has taken home that award. Chesney performed using Audio-Technica's Artist EliteĀ® 5000 Series UHF Wireless System, with the AEW-T3300 microphone/transmitter and AEW-R5200 true diversity frequency-agile dual receiver. 5000 Series wireless systems were used with the AEW-T5400 microphone/transmitter for front-line vocals by Brooks & Dunn and Audio-Technica endorser Jason Aldean. The backline mic complement of A-T wired microphones included the AE5400 for vocals; AT4040 and AT4050 on overheads and guitar cabinets; AT4047 on guitars; AE5100 on overheads; AE2500 and ATM250 on kick; AE3000 and ATM350 on toms, percussion; ATM450 on hi hat; and ATM650 on snare.

Music Mixer Jay Vicari stated, "For many years, Audio-Technica has been, and continues to be, my go-to mic because of clarity, fidelity, overall reliability and consistency from microphone to microphone. With A-T, I don't have to work as hard to get a great vocal sound, and that makes my life a lot easier. Plus, the quality of audio that comes through with A-T's RF is not sacrificed because it's a wireless -- it's transparent."

Music Mixer John Harris echoes Vicari's remarks: "For high-profile broadcast events like the CMA's, I always turn to Audio-Technica because you don't have any room for error. A-T gives me an unwavering level of confidence, as I know the mics will perform flawlessly regardless of the situation."

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