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Atomix Productions Inc. announces the acquisition of AdionSoft

Published Nov 3, 2011
Virtual DJ 6.0

Atomix Productions Inc., the leading editor of software dedicated to the DJ community worldwide, today announced that it has acquired AdionSoft Inc., a top-rated provider of DJ software distributed under the brands djDecks, PCDJ Dex, and PCDJ Red Mobile.

"The acquisition of AdionSoft brings a diversity to our development that has been very beneficial. AdionSoft’s engineers have also been programming DJ software for the past 10 years, but often using different approaches and solutions.” says Stephane Clavel, CEO of Atomix. “In rebuilding VirtualDJ from the ground up for Version 8, we were able to modernize all of the ageing foundation blocks, but also to incorporate AdionSoft’s engineers different perspective on many subjects, and make sure we always choose the best approach.”

Atomix plans to make a new software, VirtualDJ 8, available to its customers in the very near future. Although the upcoming version will contain all of the features and functionality that current users are accustomed to, this new version is a complete re-write of the source code, and will contain many new features and functionalities.

"Atomix 's acquisition of AdionSoft means that VirtualDJ customers, and all previous AdionSoft customers, will all benefit from the merger of our technologies," said Gwen Roelants, co-founder and president of AdionSoft.

The DJ Software market exploded over the past years when most of the DJing industry converted to digital, and is now consolidating to three main players.

Terms of the acquisition were not announced. Details of the new VirtualDJ Version 8, including features list and release date, are not yet available.

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