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Arriba Rolls Out New Line Of Stackable

Published May 17, 2011
Arriba Stacks

Are you a DJ or mobile entertainer whose business is on a roll? Now your gear can be too.  Arriba Cases has introduced a new line of stackable rolling cases for lighting and audio products that make it easier than ever to transport your equipment securely from gig to gig.

Just like the suitcases that travelers “roll” through airports, the new Arriba Stackable Rolling Series Cases feature high-quality wheels and a pull-up handle. So you can effortlessly wheel your lighting fixtures, sound system and other equipment to and from events, without having to carry heavy equipment over great distances.  Not only does this make it easier for you to transport your gear, it reduces the chance of a bag being dropped and its valuable contents getting damaged.

Available in 3 sizes, Arriba Stackable Rolling Cases are also stackable, allowing you to expand your storage space, if needed. Each wheeled unit has a corresponding same-size stackable case (sold separately) that can be mounted on top of it via a rear strap, and “piggy-backed” on the bottom bag’s wheels for maximum gear storage and transport.

Designed to be flexible enough to meet a wide range of entertainers’ needs, the cases themselves are multi-purpose bags with large interior dimensions and configurable padded dividers.  Each case comes with two movable dividers, allowing you to configure it to hold a wide variety of lighting fixtures, audio products, cables, microphones and other electronic equipment. You can tailor the interior exactly the way you want to fit your specific gear requirements.

Built with heavy-duty materials, each Arriba Stackable Rolling Bag features a rugged design and interior padding to protect delicate gear from getting damaged during travel.  High-quality zippers keep the bags fastened securely and allow fast, convenient access to their contents.

“Everything about the Arriba Stackable Rolling Series was designed to meet the needs of entertainers on the go,” said Brian Dowdle, Marketing Director for Arriba Cases.  “Arriba was founded to provide DJs and mobile entertainers with soft bags that were economically priced, so that they had a convenient, affordable way to transport their gear on the road.

“Now with our new Stackable Rolling Series of bags on wheels, we’re making traveling with your gear even easier,” added Dowdle.  “Not only is their ‘rolling’ design a big convenience for mobile entertainers, but their rugged construction and padding help protect your valuable investment and also keep gear dust-free when you’re not using it.”

The Arriba Stackable Rolling Series includes three sizes of wheeled bags and three top stackable bags that are sized to coordinate with them:

ACR-16-- 16-inch wide bottom roller bag that can be used with the ATP-16 top stacker bag (sold separately).  Dimensions: 16” 10” x 14”/ 410 x 255 x 360mm. MSRP: $69.95.

ATP-16 – 16-inch wide top stackable bag that fits onto the ACR-16 rolling bag (sold separately).  Dimensions: 16” x 10” x 14” / 410 x 255 x 360mm. MSRP: $49.95.

ACR-19-- 19-inch wide bottom roller bag that can be used with the ATP-19 top stacker bag (sold separately).  Dimensions: 19” 12” x 14”/ 485 x 305 x 360mm. MSRP: $84.95.

ATP-19 – 19-inch wide top stackable bag that fits onto the ACR-19 rolling bag (sold separately).  Dimensions: 19” x 12” x 14” / 485 x 305 x 360mm. MSRP: $56.95.

ACR-22-- 22-inch wide bottom roller bag that can be used with the ATP-22 top stacker bag (sold separately).  Dimensions: 22” 12” x 15”/ 560 x 305 x 380mm. MSRP: $89.95.

ATP-22 – 22-inch wide top stackable bag that fits onto the ACR-22 rolling bag (sold separately).  Dimensions: 22” x 12” x 15” / 560 x 305 x 380mm. MSRP: $69.95.

All bags will fit lighting products from Arriba’s sister company American DJ, as well as all other major brands of lighting equipment.  Arriba Cases may be purchased from your local authorized American DJ Dealer.

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