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Arriba Introduces Two Mirror Ball Cases

Published Nov 10, 2006
If you get seven years’ bad luck for breaking a mirror, imagine what you’d get for smashing a mirror ball. Arriba Cases has come to the rescue of superstitious DJs everywhere by introducing two new bags that protect mirror balls from damage during transit, the AC-70 and AC-71 Mirror Ball Protectors.

Part of Arriba’s revolutionary line of soft, padded lighting cases, the AC-70 and AC-71 are designed to securely hold an 8” and a 12” mirror ball respectively. Lightweight yet rugged, they can accommodate mirror balls from any major manufacturer,

Of course, you don’t have to be superstitious to worry about breaking a mirror ball – no one wants the inconvenience of showing up at a gig with damaged equipment, or the expense of buying a replacement. Made of the same durable synthetic material as Arriba’s other lighting cases, the AC-70 and AC-71 will protect and help extend the lifespan of delicate mirror balls, one of the most popular and enduring special effects in any light show.

Ideal for DJs, musicians and mobile entertainers, the AC-70 and AC-71 Mirror Ball Protectors are lightweight and easy to carry, with an extra wide mouth for easy access. A drawstring toggle closure tightens right around the top of the mirror ball to enclose it completely and prevent scratching, chipping or dulling of the delicate mirror tiles.

Like all of the products in Arriba’s soft case line, the AC-70 and AC-71 mirror ball bags are also very budget-friendly. They offer working performers a more affordable alternative to the hard case products on the market.

“When mobile entertainers on a budget invest in an expensive piece of gear, they want it to last a long time,” said Brian Dowdle, marketing manager for Arriba Cases. “For a relatively small outlay, our Mirror Ball Protectors not only lessen the chance of breakage, but also help keep the mirrors clean and scratch-free. What’s more, our soft cases are easier to carry and much less expensive than traditional hard cases,” he added.

As the first manufacturer to offer a full line of soft cases for mobile lighting products, Arriba offers bags for a wide range of fixtures and accessories. Additionally, the company recently introduced its first audio case and plans to expand further into this area.

The AC-70 Mirror Ball Protector fits an 8” diameter mirror ball and has a suggested retail price of $12.95, while the AC-71, accommodating mirror balls up to 12”, retails at $14.95. Arriba cases are designed to fit products from all major lighting manufacturers.

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