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Arriba Introduces Gear-Specific Accessory Bags

Published Jul 19, 2006

Arriba Cases offered DJs and bands a revolutionary, affordable way to protect their investment in lighting gear when it introduced the first line of soft transport cases designed specifically for mobile lighting fixtures. Now Arriba will be even more of an “accessory” to mobile performers’ success, with the addition of a new series of Arriba Accessory Bags to accompany its larger lighting cases.

Made of the same soft, durable synthetic material as Arriba’s patent-pending lighting cases, the accessory bags are designed to hold the smaller items carried around by mobile entertainers such as microphones and CDs. Lightweight and economical, yet extremely strong with protective padding, they provide a convenient, secure way to protect fragile accessories from damage during transport from gig to gig.

“Like our soft lighting cases, the new Arriba accessory bags offer a budget-friendly alternative to the heavier, more expensive products that are out there,” said Brian Dowdle, marketing director for Arriba Cases. “They’re lightweight and easy to carry, while being very rugged and roadworthy, and they sell for an extremely affordable price.”

Great for DJs, karaoke jocks and working bands, each of the new Arriba Accessory Bags was designed to accommodate a specific type of gear. Four soft, padded bags are included in the series:

AL-52 Basic Microphone Case – A patent-pending case that can accommodate one microphone of any brand, plus cable. It measures 5” x 11” x 3” and has a suggested retail price of $9.95.

AL-54 Pinspot/Utility Case – This versatile patent-pending case can be used to hold either one Par 36 style pinspot, or assorted utility items such as cables, bulbs and clamps. Measuring 6” x 6” x 8”, it works with all brands of lighting fixtures. MSRP is $9.95.

AL-56 Deluxe Microphone Case – Designed to securely hold one wireless microphone system, the AL-56 features three separate compartments for mic, receiver and cable, preventing the components from sliding into each other during transit. Dimensions are 13” x 12” x 3”, and MSRP is $39.95.

AL-200 CD/DVD Case – A great way for jocks to protect their investment in music and videos, this expandable case includes plastic sleeves to hold up to 200 CDs or DVDs. Its inside binder has extra space so that more sleeves can be added if needed. MSRP is $41.95.

“Like all Arriba products, our new accessory bags were designed by individuals who have firsthand experience as DJs and are very familiar with the types of features needed by mobile performers,” said Dowdle. For example, to make things super-convenient for entertainers on the go, all of the accessory bags have an extra wide mouth design so that gear can be removed quickly and easily.

The accessory bags feature the same stylish black nylon outer shell as Arriba lighting cases, with the company’s attractive color cube logo.

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