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American DJ’s ADJ University Is Now Enrolling Level 2 Classes

Published Feb 15, 2012
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Although DJ equipment is more complicated than it used to be, there’s no reason for aspiring DJs and entertainers to feel intimidated or wonder how they will learn to run the equipment – class is back in session at ADJ University, American DJ’s entertaining way for DJs to get the skills they need.  Enrollment is now open for the Level 2 Online Educational video series that provides a fun and easy way for beginning DJs to learn the basics of how to use DJ lighting and audio equipment in the comfort of their own home, on their own time.  It also offers tips and techniques for starting an enjoyable and prosperous career in the entertainment industry.

Consisting of eight all-new online, in-depth but user-friendly video courses, ADJ University is taught by successful, respected DJs who have extensive knowledge of the equipment and techniques, including Brian Redd, Arnoldo Offerman and DJ Etronik.  These entertaining courses, which cover a wide range of topics including school dances, mixing, client meetings and transporting gear, provide beginning DJs with the knowledge and skills they need to become successful entertainers, and they also offer a great resource for experienced DJs and entertainers who want to refresh and update their skills and knowledge. 

Although the courses are provided by American DJ, the skills acquired through the ADJ University courses are not brand specific and are applicable to any DJ gear manufacturer’s equipment.  “We don’t just sell products at American DJ; we help build careers,” said Brian Dowdle, Marketing Director for American DJ and the Dean of ADJ University.  “These fun and entertaining video seminars are not designed to sell products nor are they product demonstrations, instead they offer both new and seasoned DJs the opportunity to learn new skills and get up-to-date on the latest technologies in DJ equipment.  Everyone is welcome to enroll, whether or not they are ADJ customers.”

Enrolling at ADJ University is fast and easy – interested DJs just need to visit www.adjuniversity.com, and click “Log In or Join Now.”  Members of ADJ’s Advantage Rewards Program will simply use their ADJ Advantage log-in information, and the sign-up process is quick and straightforward for those who are not yet members.  Once enrolled, students can watch the eight videos at their own pace, then take the quizzes at the end of each video.  Students that successfully complete all Level 2 courses will become ADJ University Alumni members and receive a Diploma, 100 ADJ Advantage Points, a free ADJ University Alumni T-shirt and a 4 GB Flash drive.

The first four of the eight Level 2 courses are available now on the ADJ University web site, and the remainder are coming soon.  The course topics are:

  • Course 9:  School Dances, hosted by Arnoldo Offerman
  • Course 10:  Mixing 101, hosted by DJ Etronik
  • Course 11:  DJ Survival Kit, hosted by Brian Redd
  • Course 12:  Client Meetings, hosted by Brian Redd
  • Course 13:  Transporting Your Gear, hosted by Brian Redd
  • Course 14:  Music Programming for Mobile DJs, hosted by Brian Redd
  • Course 15:  Building Your Business with Truss, hosted by Brian Redd
  • Course 16:  Rotating the Dance Floor, hosted by Brian Redd

For more information or to enroll, click http://www.adjnewswave.com/blasts/ADJ/adj-u-level2-blast2.html or visit www.adjuniversity.com.

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