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American DJ Presents DJ Mikey Mike Color Seminar at the 2013 Mobile Beat Show

Published Dec 11, 2012

Light is a critical part of a DJ’s performance and color is vital to the success of any good light show. To help you get the most out of your gigs while putting a little extra “green” in your wallet, American DJ is sponsoring Color Me Beautiful (And Profitable), a seminar by Michael “DJ Mikey Mike” Susca, at the 2013 Mobile Beat show in Las Vegas.

Mikey Mike, owner of Direct Sound, will share his 30+ years’ expertise and knowledge by providing tips for incorporating the right color into your lighting design style. Topics will include why getting the right color is important to your client, how to apply the right mix of color to bring the event together, and how to take advantage of additional colors that are available through RGBA/Quad Color Technology. Mikey Mike will explain how vibrant or pastel colors can highlight cakes, floral arrangements, table dressings and even the bride and bridesmaids’ dresses.

“This seminar is not a sales event, it’s a learning opportunity”, said National Sales Manager of American DJ, Alfred Gonzales, “Your clients are surrounded by new technology that makes vivid color presentations part of their everyday lives when they shop and work. The colors in your light show must keep up. Mikey Mike is uniquely qualified to show DJs how to integrate the right color mix into any event.”

With the DJ industry constantly changing, Mikey Mike will also explore how the use of DMX computer control, battery powered lighting and wireless remotes can help you rise above your competition and make your gigs more profitable.

The Color Me Beautiful (And Profitable) seminar will be held on Thursday, February 7 from 1-2pm in the Double Skybox at the Mobile Beat Las Vegas show.

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