Dec 2, 2023

American DJ Makes Dream Come True For DJ Mikey Mike

Published Sep 28, 2011

Mike Susca (DJ Mikey Mike) is traveling over 8,600 kilometers from Los Angeles to the BPM Show in Birmingham. It’s doubtful that many DJs traversed a greater distance to get to Europe’s largest DJ show, it’s almost certain that none earned their passage to the show in such a novel way.


The California DJ won his trip to BPM from American DJ in its Come Play In The UK Contest.  The contest invited DJs to submit a short video that described which European DJ or musician they would like to meet. Mikey’s 2 minute and 39 second production, built around a rap version of Yellow Submarine and featuring cameos by the Royal Family and Beatles selected DJ Simon Fletcher as the must-meet star.

dream come true.



Looking at his trip to BPM, Mikey can only describe it as a “dream come true.” Last year, American DJ ran a contest in Europe that offered DJs a chance to win a trip to the Mobile Beat Show in Las Vegas and attend the American DJ Customer Appreciation Party, which featured a performance by Naughty By Nature. By sending Mikey to BPM, the company has completed its trans Atlantic DJ bridge building.  For more information visit

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