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American DJ and American Audio Introduce ADJ University

Published Apr 22, 2011
ADJ University

Dj-ing isn’t what it used to be back in the day when a DJ just had to set up a few spinning lights, put some records on the turntable, and have fun. The “fun” part hasn’t changed, but almost everything else about DJ-ing has become more complex. DMX lighting, LED video panels, digital workstations and other new technologies are great tools, but they can leave DJs with a lot of questions.

Now American DJ and American Audio have come up with a convenient way for those DJs to find answers. The company has introduced ADJ University (, a free online learning program offering in-depth, but user-friendly video instruction to any DJ. Blending subtle humor with clear, easy-to-follow lesson plans, the videos cover a wide range of topics from DMX programming and audio mixing to gear maintenance and marketing DJ services.

“We’ve always viewed our role as not just selling products, but as partnering with DJs to help them elevate their performance and achieve their goals,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of American DJ. “As lighting and audio gear has become more technologically advanced DJs need more knowledge, so they can take full advantage of these powerful tools. This is why we created ADJ University; we owe it to our customers not only to provide them with great products, but to help acquire the knowledge to get the most out of those products.”

Davies is quick to add that ADJ University video courses do not promote specific American DJ and American Audio merchandise, but cover product types in a generic sense, giving pointers on gear in general, whether it’s made by American DJ or another company. “This is not about selling,” he said. “It’s about supporting the DJ community.”

Available to DJs now, ADJ University features eight learning videos, with more on the way. “We will be constantly adding and updating videos,” said Brian Dowdle, American DJ Marketing Director and the “DJ Dean” of ADJ University. “We’re committed to keeping this program relevant, entertaining and informative, as well as comprehensive. Our ultimate goal is to have a complete learning center that DJs can go to online anytime to learn something new or to refresh knowledge they already have. Needless to say, we welcome feedback from users about courses they’d like to see.”

The video courses in ADJ University have tests at the end. Anyone who completes the courses and the tests earns a PhD-J degree and receives a diploma and a free ADJ University T-shirt.

Enrolling in ADJ University is simple, just visit the American DJ University website ( and click on the ADJ U banner. Although the site is open to DJs world wide, residents of the United States must register in the ADJ Advantage program to enroll. DJs who already are ADJ Advantage program members simply have to enter their membership number to enroll. There is no cost or obligation to enroll in the learning program.

“We encourage all DJs to enroll, even if they’re not American DJ customers,” said Dowdle. “When DJs anywhere become more knowledgeable, we all benefit.”

As a virtual online school, American DJ University won’t have any frat houses, pep rallies or wild celebrations after a big game, but in many respects, it will be the “ultimate party school,” because the lessons its students learn will help them put on better shows at parties, events, weddings and everywhere else. When this happens, American DJ will be able to say that its educational program earned an A+.

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