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American Audio’s DV2 USB 2-Channel MIDI-Ready Mixer

Published Oct 25, 2011
American Audio DV2

The new DV2 USB from American Audio is a “mixer” in more ways than one.  This groundbreaking 2-channel pre-amp DJ mixer features a built-in 4x4 Sound Card and MIDI Output, allowing you to play and mix music from any DJ software, yet still keep hands-on hardware control over faders, cueing, scratching and other effects.  You can also use the DV2 USB as a mixer for analog inputs such as CDs or even vinyl turntables -- which means this versatile, compact unit will “mix” with whatever way you choose to DJ!

Regardless of the type of input you use – MIDI or analog -- the DV2 USB makes it easy to give a stellar DJ performance.  The affordable mixer was designed by DJs for DJs with all the controls and features laid out intuitively, bringing the familiar feel and touch of DJ-ing to today’s digital world.

Equipped with 2 Photo, 2 Lines, 2 Auxiliary Inputs and 1 Mic Input, the DV2 USB offers a full range of professional features such as: Balanced Outputs, Fader Q Start, 3-Band Rotary EQ with Kills, and Channel Faders with adjustable curve.  Its high-quality Optical Crossfader is reversible and has an extremely long life – it was tested for over 1 million crossfades and never quit working! DJs and emcees will also appreciate the DV2 USB’s Talkover Button, which reduces volume by 15 decibels, and the DJ Mic input, which has Volume + 2-Band EQ (Treble & Bass). 

The DV2 USB’s light weight (7 lbs./2.77 kg.) and trim size (12.25”L x 10”W x 3.25”H/ 320.6 x 254 x 100.3mm) make it ideal for mobile use.  With an MSRP of just $399.95, it’s priced well within the range of DJs and mobile entertainers.

“The DV2 USB is one of the most compact and affordable DJ mixers for controlling both analog and MIDI inputs,” said Tom Freret, national sales manager for American Audio. “Because a Sound Card is built right into it, you can start mixing right out of the box, with no extra equipment required. 

“Plus, it’s so versatile – you can use it with anything from DJ software to a laptop to CD players to turntables,” Freret added.  “If you want the ultimate in music media options, hook up the DV2 USB with a couple of American Audio’s Radius 3000 CD/MP3 players, which also have multiple types of inputs.  With this type of system, the possibilities for controlling and playing music are almost limitless.”

DV2 3000 System: 1 x DV2 USB + 2 x Radius 3000

Because the DV2 USB mixer and Radius 3000 media player work so well together, American Audio is now offering them bundled together as a complete system.  The DV2-3000 System includes: 1x DV2 USB, 2x Radius 3000, 1x hard case and all required component cables.

Like the DV2 USB, the Radius 3000 was designed for the multitude of ways that DJ-ing is being done today.  It is a professional CD/MP3/WAV player with MIDI capabilities, so it can control DJ software.  For even more playing options, it also has SD Card and USB inputs.

This versatility makes the DV2 3000 System the perfect combo for today’s mobile entertainers, who may often “DJ” differently at different types of gigs or situations.  “With the multiple inputs on the Radius 3000, you’re covered no matter what the situation,” said Freret.  “Say you arrive at a gig and don’t have your laptop or even a CD ready.  You can pop in a USB stick and control that with the Radius 3000.  Or if you have music on an SD Card, you can use that.  You can download your DJ software into the Radius 3000 and then scratch and add effects using the software. Whatever the situation calls for, the DV2 USB/Radius 3000 combo is a great solution for analog or MIDI playback and mixing.”

Like the DV2 USB, the Radius 3000 offers premium professional features that will enhance DJ performances, such as Advanced Track Search, Seamless Loop, Tempo Lock, Instant Start, AntiShock Memory (10 seconds), Digital BPM Counter, and Digital Output (S/PDIF).  It includes a 6-inch Jog Wheel and 9 on-board FX: Scratch, Filter, Echo, Trans, Skid, Phase, Flanger, Pan and Bop.  There are 2 Scratching modes: Digital Scratch and Beat Juggle.

The Radius 3000 is also designed for easy portability, measuring 10.5”L x 14”W x 4.25”H/265 x 356 x 106mm, and weighing 8 lbs./ 3.6 kg. An excellent value when bought as a package, the DV2 3000 System has an MSRP of $ $1,999.95, including 1x DV2 USB, 2x Radius 3000, hard case and cables. 

The MSRP of the DV2 USB Mixer alone is $399.95.

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