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American Audio Releases XSP Series of Affordable Powered Speakers

Published Jun 17, 2009
American Audio XSP Speakers

American Audio has unveiled the new XSP series of high-power professional speakers, which are versatile, rugged, affordable, and offer authentic concert sound. Available in four sizes, the models include the XSP-8A (8”), XSP-10A (10”), XSP-12A (12”), and the XSP-15A (15”), and feature built-in amplifiers, which can be connected directly to a mixing console or sound source without the need for a typical amp.

With no external amp to worry about, the XSP series means less equipment carried to the gig and easier, faster set-up and teardown. Featuring an “invisible” Full Grill design, and flyable and floor-mount options, the XSP speakers are great for installs too. Add to this their wide range of sizes, and they offer a perfect array of choices for DJs, bands, clubs, lounges, bowling centers, houses of worship and more.

In fact, said American Audio’s National Sales Manager Tom Freret, the high-power, feature-packed speakers are tailored for any application and will appeal to anyone who has always wanted a speaker with great sound quality and professional features that would fit within their budget.

“We used sound engineers who design concert arrays to tune and engineer these speakers,” said Freret. “We also consulted with end-users to find what they wanted in a speaker. The XSPs provide stunning, high-quality sound associated with speakers typically costing more than twice as much.

“For example, they feature Time Aligned Crossover and Phase Alignment, which give them great mid-range presence. This is something that’s missing in most affordable powered speakers,” Freret noted.

Another premium feature found on the two larger units, the XSP-12A and XSP-15A, are Neodymium components. These provide 6dB greater output than the magnetic structures typically found in speakers at comparable price points.

The XSP series’ four size options address a complete range of mobile entertainment and installation needs. When the working band or DJ is called on to provide background music for a corporate event or smaller club, the XSP-8A or 10A will be absolutely perfect; when the call comes for that big hall gig or outdoor party of a couple hundred people, the 12A or 15A will offer the optimum choice. The possibilities are endless for installations, too. The 8A and 10A are perfect for smaller venues, such as lounges and sports bars, offering users an economical solution for providing a great-sounding background music system. The 12A and 15A fit the needs of dance clubs, live music venues, churches, bowling centers, roller rinks and other larger venues.

All four speakers in the series can be used as stand mounts, are flyable, and can be wall or truss mounted (using optional metal brackets). The ABS nylon fiber cabinet and full grille is heavy-duty enough to hold up to the rigors of set-up and tear-down.

The XSP-8A is an 8-inch, 2-way powered speaker with 100W built-in Bi-amplification system. It also includes the much-desired Time Aligned Crossover, and XLR Mic/Line input with volume control. Frequency response is 20Hz to 20KHz, and crossover is 3.3k. The built in 12 watt amplifier has output sensitivity of 97.4 ± 2dB/m/w. It has an XLR Mic/Line input with volume control. The Line is -20dB (100mV) and the microphone is -40dB (10mv). It is easy to transport at 11.5” x 9” x 16.5”, weighing only 18 pounds.  The MSRP of the XSP-8A is $239.95.

The XSP-10A is a 10-inch, 2-way powered speaker with 200W built-in Bi-amplifier system, Time Aligned Electronic Crossover, and a 1-inch compression driver capable of extremely high efficiencies. It features a built-in mixer with 1 line input, 1 Mic input, treble and bass controls, and channel and master volume. It has XLR through output. The dimensions are 14” x 11” x 19” and it weighs 31 pounds. The MSRP of the XSP-10A is $279.95.

The XSP-12A is a high-power 12-inch, 2-way powered speaker with a clean and powerful 300W built-in Bi-amplifier system. The Neodymium components and the 1.75” compression drive offer punch, highs and lows not heard in larger, more expensive speakers. It also features the Time Aligned Electronic Crossover. Like the 10A model, it includes a built-in mixer with 1 line input, 1 Mic input, treble and bass controls, and channel and master volume. Plus there’s XLR through output. The dimensions are 16” x 12” x 23” and it weighs 44 pounds. The MSRP of the XSP-12A is $419.95.

There is little that can’t be done with the granddaddy of the series: the XSP-15A. This is an extremely efficient and high-powered 15-inch, 2-way powered speaker with a 400W built-in Bi-amp system. Like the XSP-12A, it features Neodymium components and the 1.75” compression drive, plus Time Aligned Electronic Crossover. This unit’s built-in mixer offers 2 mic inputs plus 1 line input, in addition to the treble and bass controls and channel and master volume. Plus there’s XLR through output. The dimensions are 17” x 15” x 27” and it weighs 57 pounds. The MSRP of the XSP-15A is $559.95.

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