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American Audio® Registers Its Name Internationally to Enhance Global Presence

Published Jul 22, 2011
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For years, DJ’s and entertainers from around the world have been attracted to American Audio for the innovativeness and quality the brand’s products offer. Now the company has a globally-registered name to go with its international presence.

The American Audio name recently became an official registered trademark in countries throughout the world, including the European Union and Latin American nations.  This step protects the brand, and prevents its name from being used by counterfeiters or imitators, so that dealers and end-users can be assured of getting only genuine American Audio products.

“I am happy to announce that the name ‘American Audio’ has been officially registered under the Madrid Protocol in the United States, the European Union and internationally,” said Scott Davies, the General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “We have also received a Marca Registrada for the ‘American Audio’ name in South American countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Peru and Venezuela.”

The Madrid Protocol enables owners of trademark applications and registrations to extend their rights to dozens of other member countries. This simplified process eliminates the need for separate registrations in different countries, saving applicants time and money.

The American Audio brand is known globally for high-quality products for DJ’s and entertainers such as the VMS4 Digital Work Station, a MIDILOG controller that is the ultimate performance tool for today’s working DJs, compatible with digital and analog players alike; the user-friendly UCD-2000 dual CD/MP3 player; and the Versadeck, a 2-channel MIDI controller with a host of features that let users start DJing right out of the box.

“Registering the American Audio name protects the brand’s integrity throughout the world, putting more weight behind it and ensuring our global customers receive only genuine American Audio products,” said Davies.

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