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American Audio Launching “4 Things I Love About DJing!” Contest

Published Jun 29, 2010

American DJ has always been proud to call itself a company that has been created by DJ’s for DJ’s; and the introduction of their exciting new contest is just another example of how the company continues to give back to the DJ community whenever possible. In the American Audio VMS4 “4 Things I Love About DJing!” Contest, participants are invited to submit a video entry telling American DJ what they love about being a DJ, which can include anything from why they are passionate about the DJ business, what got them interested in becoming a mobile entertainer or even their most memorable gig. The story that stands out the most will score some incredible prizes, including the grand prize of an all-new VMS4 Velocity MIDI station from American Audio.

American Audio’s VMS4 is an amazingly versatile 4-channel “MIDILOG” controller that fuses both MIDI and analog audio control into one unit. Billed as “the ultimate DJ performance tool” the VMS4 can be used with either a PC or MAC. If the computer crashes, it will kick into analog mode, where CD players or turntables may be used, or a DJ can use an external power supply. The unit can also be personalized with the option of customized skins. Along with all its high-tech features and all-around versatility, the VMS4 comes bundled with the Virtual DJ 6 LE Software, so DJs and mobile entertainers will need nothing more to get the party started right away.

Participants who are hopeful of winning the state-of-the-art American Audio VMS4 must submit their videos to DJ Brian Redd’s YouTube channel, (http://www.youtube.com/user/briansredd) as a response to the video posted that gives an overview of the contest and its exciting prize. In their video entry, contestants can include lighting, music and sound or visual props. The possibilities are limited only by their imagination! The contest, which runs until Tuesday, August 31, 2010, will have a total of four winners, who will receive gear from American Audio, plus 10 runners-up will receive a free custom VMS4 banner from American Audio. The list of winners and prizes are as follows:

  • Viewers Choice Winner: Will receive 1 pair American Audio HP 700 headphones + your choice of 6 different Accu Cable Products (i.e. Speaker Cables, Mic Cables, DMX Cables or Extension Cables) + 200 ADJ Advantage Points.
  • Brian S. Redd’s Choice Winner: Will receive: 1x Comscan LED System + 300 ADJ Advantage Points
  • American Audio’s Choice Winner: Will receive 1x VMS4 + 400 ADJ Advantage Points
  • Grand Prize Winner (drawn from a hat): Will receive 1x VMS4 + 1x VMS4 Hard Case + 500 ADJ Advantage Points
  • 10 Runners-up: Will receive 1 custom VMS4 banner from American Audio. This will be a separate drawing. One submission per video will be randomly drawn to determine DJ banner winners.

For more information on the VMS4 please visit www.vms4dj.com
To see the VMS4 in action, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seL-52mHqh0.

For more information on the American Audio VMS4 “4 Things I Love About DJing!” Contest, including official rules, visit www.fucinipro.com/AmericanDJ/ADJBlast_june10/contest.htm.

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