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Allen & Heath GL4800 For Fabric

Published Mar 15, 2006

London's globally renowned nightclub, Fabric, has upgraded its existing live sound desk to a 32-channel Allen & Heath GL4800 multi-purpose console. The club exclusively uses Allen & Heath mixers, and the new purchase - through London-based Autograph Sales Ltd. - is installed in Room Two, which hosts the live acts performing weekly at the club.
The GL4800 - with the option for 4 extra stereos - is the flagship model from the range, and will manage FoH and Monitors for the live acts ranging from DJs with MCs, live percussion and instruments, to fully-kitted bands. Room Two already has a 4 mono/6 stereo channel Allen & Heath Xone:464 club mixer permanently installed, with Martin Audio speakers, JBL amps, and XTA and TC Electronic outboard equipment.
"Allen & Heath's GL range is superbly and simply designed, with all the tools in the right place, and great sound to boot," comments Autograph's sales engineer, Simeon Ludwell. "The GL4800 offers Fabric all it needs for their live acts - it's dual function, has plenty of channels, 8 groups, 10 auxes, a big matrix, and extensive monitoring system - so it can cope with any set up required by the artists performing at the club.
"The GL has a small footprint for a desk with this amount of functionality, and fits well into Room Two's snug booth area. Also, the desk's dedicated recording output means the engineer is able to record the performance - an essential benefit for Fabric's record label, which frequently releases live albums in its collection."
Fabric's head of live sound, Roberto Pieroni, concludes:
"We are completely devoted to Allen & Heath mixers, and have Xone DJ mixers, including the Xone:92, V6, 02, 62 and 464 models installed in all our rooms. They are the best sounding, best-featured mixing products I've ever evaluated. It was the logical choice to select one of Allen & Heath's larger boards for our live acts."

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