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ADJ.tv Connects DJs To Their World

Published Apr 26, 2013

Now DJs never have to feel alone. It doesn’t matter if they’re waiting for a bus, standing in the queue for a film, sitting on a park bench or anywhere else!  With the new ADJ.tv (www.ADJ.tv.com), they’re never more than a click away from the latest news, events, performance videos and all things DJ from throughout the world.


An original and groundbreaking media platform, ADJ.tv is accessible 24/7 to DJs from their smart phones, tablets, PCs or desk top computers. DJs can select what videos they wish to view at any time from a very diverse and easily navigated menu.


The playlists on the site are updated on an ongoing basis by a fulltime staff to ensure that all content is relevant and timely. Content is created by DJs for DJs and runs the gamut from the technical and informative like Chuck Green’s Under The Hood and Brian S. Redd’s How-To Videos, to the newsy such as video gig logs, interviews with popular DJs and videos tour of clubs, to humorous and offbeat tales from the sometimes crazy world of DJing.


“This is a unique DJ-driven site,” said Dirk Kast, General Manager of ADJ Europe who spearheaded the effort to create ADJ.tv. “Everything about it was developed with the DJ in mind. We wanted a video site that gathered a rich variety of things of interest to DJs; and we wanted to organize it in such a way that new material was always being uploaded and available to DJs anytime they wanted to view it.”


ADJ.tv encourages contributions from DJs throughout the world. The site even has a feature called “DJ Legends” that invites DJs to tell stories from the “front lines” about different experiences they’ve had in the course of their work.


Although it incorporates some of the most advanced technology, ADJ.tv appeals to a need as old as history itself, says Kast. “Back in prehistoric times our early ancestors sat around roaring fires to tell stories and share experiences,” he said. “Well, the fires and camps are gone, but we still need to share the things that are important in our lives.  ADJ.tv will give DJs the opportunity to do that; no matter where they are in the world, they can open their smart phone any time of the day or night and see what’s going on in DJing. This is why I’m very excited about this project.”

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