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ADJ Rocks Customer Appreciation Party

Published Feb 18, 2013
crystal waters2

It was a “100% Pure” party atmosphere as the 2013 ADJ Customer Appreciation Party rocked the Riviera Royal Pavilion to its foundation, thanks to headliner and dance icon Crystal Waters along with a host of hip-hop superstars.  “I could not be any more pleased with this year’s edition of our Customer Appreciation Party,” said Brian Dowdle, Marketing Manager of ADJ.

“This is ADJ’s way of giving back to the DJ community and we wanted to do something different for 2013 with more of a dance music theme. Judging from the performances and the reactions from the crowd, I’d say we made a great choice.”

Not only did Crystal Waters deliver an impressive concert complete with her smash hits including “Gypsy Woman” and “100% Pure Love,” but Thrill da Playa and Mike-Mike of 69 Boyz brought the flavor with their famous “Tootsie Roll” song and dance that had the crowd jumping. In addition, Daddy Black of 95 South had everyone in attendance chanting “Whoot, There It Is!”

Members of the crowd also had the chance to be on stage as hip-hop star Cupid was on hand to help judge a “Cupid Shuffle” dance contest. Participants danced off against each other to Cupid’s classic song with ADJ and American Audio gear on the line.

In addition, the crowd was also treated to a spectacular 5-minute synchronized lightshow by Esteban De La Torre, while former DMC champion DJ Etronik mixed in sync with every flash and burst of light. The “Glam Slam King” DJ Sparky B once again brought his “A” game as co-host of the ADJ Customer Appreciation Party along with DJ Brian S Redd of DJ YouTube Practice and Enjoy.


Crystal Waters, Thrill da Playa, Mike-Mike and Daddy Black join an impressive list of previous ADJ Customer Appreciation Party performers that includes rap icons Digital Underground, DJ Kool and Naughty by Nature.


“This year was so much fun, I can’t wait to get started planning the 2014 ADJ Customer Appreciation Party,” Dowdle said.


To see images and videos from the party visit the ADJ Facebook page at

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