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ADJ Group To Open South Florida Complex

Published Jun 11, 2013

Los Angeles-based ADJ Group, a leading global supplier of lighting, audio and trussing products, announced that it will be opening a new multi-functional facility in south Florida later this year.  Strategically located near airport and shipping facilities, the new ADJ complex will serve the company’s customers east of the Mississippi, as well as those in Central America, the Caribbean, and South America.  ADJ customers in south Florida will be able to pick up orders from the facility on the same day they’re placed.


Incorporating some of the most advanced warehousing and tracking technology in the industry, the new multi-functional full-service facility will be used for warehousing, shipping, quality control and service. Also to be included in the building will be a state-of-the-art showroom and a complete training center, which will be used for dealer and end-user education.  The new facility will serve all ADJ Group companies: Elation Professional, Acclaim and ADJ lighting; American Audio; and Global Truss America/DuraTruss.

“Our new facility has been carefully designed to cover a wide range of needs,” said ADJ president Toby Velazquez. “The new facility will complement our Los Angeles headquarters, and will give us a strong presence on both coasts.  This will allow us to provide our customers east of the Mississippi with faster shipments -- typically within two to three days of our receiving their order -- and speedier service.  Once it’s open, the new facility will also play a very big role in helping us serve our customers in Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean.”


Velazquez is especially excited about the educational opportunities that will be created by the new facility. “Having the south Florida showroom and training center will allow us to replicate on the East Coast many of the outstanding programs we’ve been able to implement at our West Coast showroom and training center,” he said.


The ADJ Group expects that dealers will use the new south Florida facility to train their employees on the latest lighting and audio products. “Our new breakthrough products involve sophisticated technology, which has made employee training more important than ever,” said Velazquez. “You can’t sell products if you aren’t comfortable with them yourself. Our dealers recognize this, which is why they’re placing more emphasis on training.


“Many of our West Coast dealers have been using our LA center for training,” he continued. “Now we’re making the same opportunity readily available to our customers on the East Coast and in Latin America. The fact that our new south Florida facility will be so close to the airport will make it easier for our dealers to fly in from anywhere.”


The ADJ Group will also be focused on using its new south Florida facility’s showroom to provide hands on demos of its Elation, Acclaim and ADJ lighting products. “There are many features in our advanced lighting products today that truly have to be seen to be believed,” said Velazquez. “The output is so great, the color saturation is so intense and the speed is so fast that you really can’t do these lights justice by showing a photo or even a video; you have to see them in person to really gain an appreciation of their performance. The same applies to our LED video panels; to gain a full appreciation of their resolution, you have to see them first hand. This is why we believe having a state-of-the-art showroom on each coast will be one of the best services we can offer our customers.”


The new facility’s extensive service center will also make a big difference to customers, says Velazquez, since it will allow them to receive repaired fixtures faster. This will be especially important to customers in south Florida, in light of the area’s active and very vibrant club scene.


Dealers wishing to set up an appointment to visit the new south Florida facility can contact their Elation Professional, Acclaim, ADJ, American Audio or Global Truss America representative.

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