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Ableton Push Tour Announced

Published Sep 30, 2013
Ableton Push

Ableton is pleased to announce the Push Tour – a series of fun and informative free events showcasing the creative possibilities of Ableton’s new hardware instrument.

The Push Tour is coming to dozens of locations around the world – chances are, there’s a musical instrument retailer near you that will be hosting one of these events. Each presentation will be led by a specially trained product specialist who will deliver a detailed demonstration of what Push, together with Live 9, is capable of.

Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced musician, Push and Live 9 have serious potential to inspire you and help you channel your creativity more productively. In keeping with its conception as a hands-on instrument for making songs from scratch, these presentations will focus on the fundamentals of music making with Push. Topics will include: multiple ways of making and editing beats, composing melodies and harmonies, working with song structure and more.  

At the Presentation event you’ll also have the chance to try out Push for yourself. Get your hands on one of the demo units and explore the creative possibilities of Push together with Live 9. Don’t miss this event and make sure you come early – the first 20 attendees at every Push Presentation receive a free Ableton tote bag.

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