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Promo Only Enters Into Full Production Deal with MTV!

Published Sep 22, 2003

Monster-Mix Music Video Show Goes Daily!

Promo Only, Inc. today announced it is ramping up production of MTV's Monster Mix music video program to produce new episodes of Promo Only's beat-mixed music video show. The program, which originally aired weekly with four new hours a quarter has been awarded a new daily, hour-long slot. The new one-hour versions of Monster Mix will air on MTV's affiliate, MTV2 daily from 4 to 5 pm EST, beginning September 15th 2003.

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As with previous Monster Mix productions, the Promo Only production team will again focus its considerable resources on offering a groundbreaking blend of beat-mixed music video. Unlike previous Monster Mix episodes, which featured mostly newer video, the new one-hour segments will offer a mix of both breaking and recurrent material, as well as many themed programs that spotlight a particular artist or musical style ­ a first for Promo Only.

"Of course, we're thrilled to have the opportunity to produce a daily show for the likes of MTV," offered Jim Robinson, director, Promo Only. "And equally honored that they have shown such confidence in our ability to deliver such a unique format. Most of all, we're proud to see that there is, as we've long suspected, a sizeable audience for beat-mixed music video."

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"Like everything new," added Pete Werner, Promo Only's executive program director, "beat-mixed video, and the incredible energy it brings to music video, took its time in finding its audience. Today, to see what began as basically holiday fare ­ to see Monster Mix go from a New Year's Eve or Labor Day broadcast to a daily series is extremely gratifying."

"And exciting," said Robinson. "We think this is just the beginning for beat-mixed video."

Promo Only's production team, headed by Nick Allard and Chuck Barrett agree. "We've just begun to explore how far music video can take us. Our goal is to be there waiting when it gets there," said Allard.

For more information on Monster Mix or any of Promo Only's music or music video products, contact Promo Only by phone at 407-331-3600 or by email at promo@promoonly.com.

For detailed technical specifications of Promo Only's audio and video encoding process, or for information on our music video remixing services or Monster Mix programming, we invite you to contact Promo Only video program manager, Nick Allard at nick.allard@promoonly.com.

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