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Published Sep 5, 2003

FogScreen is a new method of forming a physically penetrable dry fog display. The key features are that the screen is flat and thin, enabling high-quality projections, and walk-through is possible. The FogScreen feels like nothing and makes nothing wet. International patents are pending.

Says Dr. Ismo Rakkolainen, co-inventor of the FogScreen, "The fog is made of ordinary tap water with no chemicals or anything. Any type of fog, smoke or other particles can be used, but water is a safe, low-cost, simple material to use. The device is suspended high above the audience, and is robustly built. The health and safety risks have been checked by experts."

FogScreen Inc. has been created to develop, manufacture and market FogScreen. The company has received venture capital from Hermia Business Development Ltd, among others, and Mika Herpio will be the managing director of the company.

The prototype has been finished and will be presented in Siggraph 2003. The screen is approximately 1.3 x 1.7 meters. Improvements will be made over the next two months. After that, a small, exclusive production series will manufactured. The first units will be leased to rental companies for 3,000 Euros ($3,400 U.S.) a month on 36-month contracts or sold for 100,000 Euros ($113,400 U.S.), including installation and guarantee.

"We are now especially looking for leading lighting and sound or special effects rental companies who are interested in purchasing one or more units," says Mika Herpio. For more information, visit www.fogscreen.com.

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