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Technics 1200MK5 Is Out In Japan

Published Jul 26, 2003

For the MK5G, Technics finally answered the cries of DJ's for a wider pitch adjustment and outdid themselves with both a +/-8% and +/-16% pitch adjustment. The numbers for the amount of pitch adjustment are now lit up with blue LED's and a second button next to the pitch reset button allows you to switch between the two levels of pitch adjustment. There are two columns of numbers, 2/4/6/8 and 4/8/12/16, and each press of the button switches between the two columns and illuminates the current setting. In keeping with the blue theme, Technics replaced the pop-up light with a blue LED (which can never burn out) as well. The strobe light, however, is still the standard red. The black finish isn't the usual flat black color used on the black 1210MKII. It's not completely visible in the pictures but the MK5G is painted in a speckled, glossy black automotive paint that superbly complements and completes this 30th Anniversary package.

Technics 1200MK5 Is Out In Japan-Body-4

High grade model
Color: -K black
Accessory: Disk slipsheet
Dust cover and adapter for EP record
Auxiliary weight, stylus pressure weight attaching shell, Shell weight, Technics sticker

The S letter type tone arm which shows the trace efficiency which is superior the needle flying prevention function which seriously considered use as the musical instrument (horizontal increase adjustment mechanism) to in addition. Furthermore you use the oxygen free copper which reproduces the sound which puts away with clearing to the signal conductor. It is the specification which seriously considered DJ play the needle flying, in the both of the sound quality. In addition you use by attaching the balance weight installation graduation to the arm rear axis, you can set the stylus pressure setting which is accustomed instantaneously.

Technics 1200MK5 Is Out In Japan-Body-3

You adopt the blue LED of high brightness to the illumination which illuminates ahead the needle easyly to see. Play with the dark DJ booth is supported securely, with the light which glows in stage, play of the DJ of course, when the club scene is produced coolly, actualizes long-lived simultaneously.

Technics 1200MK5 Is Out In Japan-Body-2

Pitch (rpm) the variable range it equips the pitch variable range change button which is changed to the ±8% or the ±16%. Wide-ranging being, by the fact that pitch control it is made possible, width of play is expanded with the various music scenes. Furthermore with the quartz lock, it is possible to change way and the pitch which maintain a more accurate rotary precision continually. In addition " pitchadj. If as for volume ", the movement becomes bad, it is the convenient specification which can be exchanged easily.

Technics 1200MK5 Is Out In Japan-Body

The turntable and the motor rotor (the stator -) is unified the ????? individual D.D. which You adopt the motor. Only, 0.7 seconds (at the time of 33 1/3 rpm) with with the ????? which reaches to speed limit revolution, the smooth standing it rises, the head whose timing is good it puts out and makes start possible. Furthermore high accuracy rotary speed is actualized with quartz phase lock * control.

On cabinet top high rigid aluminum die-cast, in bottom T.N.R.C. of integral construction Three layer system which adopts the special weight class rubber. Furthermore e.g., the damping rubber is stuck on back of the turntable, the durability * resistance swing characteristic which is superior even in hard use environment of the live house and the like is shown.

Other common functions
* From the adjustment mouth of the turntable, the speed adjustment of the stop brake is possible simply.
* Pure electronic type it actualizes smooth stop with adoption of the brake.
* Pitch it equips the reset switch which can cancel control instantaneously.
* The Strobo stripe eye which can do detailed pitch detection.
* The lock mechanism attaching arm height control mechanism where the height control is possible in the range of the 6mm.
* Cabinet it equips the silhouette stand in the surface.
* The power switch which considers in the malfunction.

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