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Published Sep 28, 2006

The new Spectrum 575 is a quiet, exterior wash light with the wide palette of a CMY seamless color blending system. Coverage is substantial due to a fairly wide beam angle field, between 7 and 40 degrees, via a motorized zoom.

A quality 575-watt discharge lamp ensures an intense wash even in darker colors. Light intensity is 29 foot-candles at 98-foot throw using the widest angle for projection. The motorized zoom allows further manipulation of the intensity and throw distance of light.

An IP rating of 54, fast internal cooling, a solid weatherproof metal casing, thermal switch protection and water resistant cable connectors ensure dependability even in rigorous weather conditions. A full, motorized dimmer further helps maintain the consistency and precise control of selected hues when the natural light changes.

Synchronization is possible in DMX mode as well as in master/slave setting. Programs can be customized via 8 channels of DMX. Or the designer can access 32 built in programs with varying timed chase and trigger synchronous or contrasting operation of multiple units on stand alone mode.

Other valuable components of the Spectrum 575 include a frosted lens diffuser and reliable smooth stepper motors. A sturdy bracket facilitates use of the fixture in upright position. Tilt range is 126 for more.

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