Dec 7, 2023

Neutrik® Opticalcon Receives Pick Hit Award

Published Sep 20, 2005

Neutrik®, designers and manufacturers of the “XX” series XLR cable connector, were recently awarded the Sound and Video Contractor 2005 Pick Hit award for their OpticalCon connector, which was introduced at InfoComm 2005. The Pick Hit Awards are presented to products that best serve the every-day professional lives of its intended users, and recognized for technological innovation and ingenuity. Industry insiders, including end-users, editors and journalists visiting the exhibitor’s booths, voted on the winners.

“Neutrik is honored to receive such a prestigious award for the OpticalCon connector,” stated Jim Cowan, president of Neutrik USA. “It is a great compliment when the hard work and dedication put into manufacturing each product has been recognized by the industry. As always, we will continue to strive for excellence in our production, with the goal of fulfilling the needs of the consumer.”

The OpticalCon, which was created in order to increase the reliability and maximize the uptime for fiber optic connection systems, was chosen out of 725 exhibitors products, to receive the award.

The new system is based on a standard optical LC-Duplex connection; however, the OpticalCon improves this original design to ensure a safe and rugged connection. It enables up to four copper wires to run power or data signals through. A special SMPTE-version1 has been optimized for broadcast applications, which provides an additional ground-shell contact.


To qualify for a Pick Hit award, the products must have been introduced in the past year, and are required to be new to the InfoComm show. In addition, the product must be available for shipping at the time of the show, or scheduled to ship before the year’s end.


InfoComm is the largest, most comprehensive information communication systems technology marketplace in the world. For over 50 years, it has been the industry’s guide for technology solutions for application needs. The Infocomm show allows sellers and buyers to conduct their annual business transactions in three short days.

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