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Arriba Expands Beyond Lighting Cases

Published May 13, 2006

Arriba Cases created a buzz in the market last year, when it introduced the first line of soft cases designed specifically for mobile lighting fixtures used by DJs, VJs and bands. Now Arriba is bringing the same lightweight convenience and affordability to mobile entertainers’ other transport needs with its new Lifestyle line of soft bags for gear beyond lighting.

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Made of the same soft, durable synthetic material as the company’s innovative lighting cases, the Arriba Lifestyle line features six bags designed to securely haul everything from computers to accessories to personal items. Included in the Lifestyle line are: a Backpack, DJ Computer Case, Duffle Bag, Wheeled Backpack with Computer Compartment, Microphone Case and Pinspot Case.

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Rugged and roadworthy, the Lifestyle bags have been specially designed to cater to mobile entertainers’ needs. For example, as an “extra” feature in the Wheeled Backpack, there’s a pull-out CD case that can hold 100 discs.

Arriba Expands Beyond Lighting Cases-Body

According to Brian Dowdle, marketing director for Arriba Cases, the Lifestyle line was inspired by the overwhelming success of Arriba’s soft lighting cases. “The response to our lighting bags from DJs and entertainers was amazing -- even stronger than we anticipated,” said Dowdle. “As the first soft lighting cases on the market, they offered a more economical and convenient alternative to what was previously out there.

Just like our lighting bags, the new Lifestyle cases are very strong and offer great protection

“So we decided to come out with similar soft cases for all the other items that DJs and entertainers need to carry around,” Dowdle added. “Just like our lighting bags, the new Lifestyle cases are very strong and offer great protection, while costing much less than hard cases. Plus, they’re much more lightweight and portable.”

The stylish black Lifestyle cases look as good as they travel, featuring a sleek design and Arriba’s eye-catching color cube logo.

Like Arriba’s lighting cases, the Lifestyle products are highly affordable, making them ideal for DJs and entertainers on a budget. Their MSRPs range from just $9.95 each for the AL700 Microphone Case and AL710 Pinspot Case, to $74.95 for the LS520 High Quality Wheeled Backpack with Computer Compartment. The MSRPs of the other Lifestyle products are: $39.95 for the LS500 High Quality Backpack, $44.95 for the LS510 High Quality Duffle, and $69.95 for the LS525 High Quality DJ Computer Case.

For more information contact Arriba Products at 626-217-6710. Fax: 626-333-3010. Or visit: www.arribacase.com

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