Sep 27, 2023

Wild & Wacky Marketing for Pacemaker

Published Mar 30, 2009

Pacemaker’s two independent audio channels let you play two tracks side by side. Beatmatching is easily done by the click of a button, and with a full set of professional audio effects and a crossfader you now have unlimited creative influence over your music.

The features and the performance of Pacemaker makes it the perfect mixer for any situation – for practicing or preparing your DJing, or for performing live with full control in your headphones.

Pacemaker even lets you save your mixes and spread them across the digitized universe. Any mix can be saved on your Pacemaker. When transferring your mixes to your computer, you can edit and refine your mixes as you like with the free desktop application, Pacemaker Editor.

When you’re ready, go ahead and upload your mixes to our mix community and let anyone listen anytime.

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