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STANTON Prepares San Francisco State University For A Steady Mix

Published Jun 9, 2005

STANTON, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio products for club and mobile DJs and turntablists, announced today that it will be providing San Francisco State University’s ‘DJ: Turntablism’ course with gear to teach the next generation of Bay Area DJs.

Making its debut this summer at San Francisco State University’s College of Extending Learning, STANTON is equipping the course with the latest professional DJ tools which include: STR8-150 turntables, 680 HP cartridges, SA-3 DJ Mixer, and FinalScratch 2. STANTON’S equipment will be a focal point of the course, which covers the history, equipment, and technique of DJ turntablism.

“Because the course focuses on various techniques for DJing, both analog and digital, we felt that STANTON offers the most comprehensive product line for combining Vinyl, CDs, and MP3s into the DJ mix,” states Course Instructor Bill Mitsakos. “We were particularly interested in FinalScratch 2 and its integration with Traktor DJ Studio, another product covered in the course. Final Scratch is critical to this course. We are committed to training students in the latest digital technologies, but recognize the incomparable feel of real turntables. We also recognize the quality and integrity of Stanton turntables and mixers and made them our only choice in outfitting our DDJ Rig.”

Pablo La Rosa, STANTON’S Marketing Manager adds, "We are extremely proud to be the tool of choice for this program. As our products reach the next generation of DJs, we are delighted to see that STANTON is now an essential part of the creative tools used at SFSU.”
For more information on STANTON and FinalScratch 2, please visit www.stantondj.com and www.finalscratch.com.

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