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Stanton Debuts New Finalscratch 2

Published Oct 26, 2004

Stanton is proud to announce the much anticipated FinalScratch® 2. Built from the ground up, this powerful hardware/software system for laptop-based DJs includes the new FireWire ScratchAmp 2 with 24-bit/96kHz sound quality, Phono/CD compatibility, Mic and Aux inputs, MIDI and more. FinalScratch 2 also ships with a new version of Native Instruments TraktorFS—boasting more powerful features and rock-solid performance. With FinalScratch 2, Stanton is poised to maintain its position as the market leader in digital DJ solutions.

Like the original, FinalScratch 2 is a hardware/software system that lets DJs play and manipulate digital audio files using analog turntables or CD players. However, this new system is not merely evolutionary, but is truly revolutionary.

It starts with the new ScratchAmp 2, which uses FireWire for more reliable multi-channel performance and ultra-low latency. New 24-bit/96kHz converters ensure professional sound quality, while a host of inputs (2 Phono, 2 Line, 1 Mic and 1 Aux) let DJs connect all their gear. Using the Mic input, for example, users can record their voice and instantly scratch the recording. And by running the DJ mixer’s Record output into the ScratchAmp 2’s Aux input, DJs can record a live set for CD burning. The ScratchAmp 2 also features MIDI ports for even more creative mixing options.

FinalScratch 2 is powered by TraktorFS 2 software from Native Instruments and runs on Mac OSX and Windows XP. This new version now plays AAC and WMA files and works with over 50,000 tracks. New turntable calibration tools make it easy to optimize the software for the most reliable performance, while improved timecode gives DJs more natural response including both absolute and relative cueing modes. Other features include the ability to create visual cue markers, audio loops, and an intelligent play history with time stamping and print capabilities.

FinalScratch 2 comes with everything: the ScratchAmp 2 FireWire audio interface, Traktor FS 2 software from Native Instruments, 3 FS Standard time-coded vinyl records, 2 FS time-coded CDs, 4 RCA cables, a FireWire cable and power supply. FinalScratch 2 is also compatible with the latest version of Native Instruments Traktor DJ Studio 2. By upgrading to Traktor, FinalScratch users gain the filtering, looping and non-destructive mix editing features Traktor DJ Studio 2 is famous for. Traktor users, on the other hand, can now add FinalScratch 2 to their system for turntable/CD control. FinalScratch 2 ships in October.

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