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Propellerheads' Rewire Inter-Application Technology Now Supported By Tascam Gigastudio 3

Published Mar 1, 2004

Propellerhead Software, the Swedish company behind acclaimed products such as Reason, ReCycle and ReBirth, is proud to announce that ReWire, The Application Connection Technology, is now supported by TASCAM's GigaStudio 3, the world's premiere streaming software sampler. The addition of GigaStudio 3 further establishes Propellerhead Software's ReWire technology as an industry standard communication protocol that is now supported by all major music production applications.

TASCAM's GigaStudio is a streaming software sampler that reads waveforms directly off a hard drive. GigaStudio 3 comes in three versions - Orchestra, Ensemble and Solo - and offers up to unlimited polyphony, 96kHz/24-bit sample support, ReWire support, VST plug-in support, and real-time convolution reverb. The best sound libraries in the world are written for GigaStudio, making it the top choice of the world's best composers, sound designers and music producers.

With ReWire, the synthesis and sequencing power of Propellerheads' Reason and ReBirth can be seamlessly integrated with Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Sonar, Nuendo, Live, Melodyne and now GigaStudio 3. Multiple applications can be run simultaneously as slaves using ReWire. For example, Reason, Melodyne, and Live can be integrated into a master Pro Tools session, with each application's audio streams controlled through the master session.

"ReWire is a great technology for patching music applications together
in the virtual studio, and I look forward to the potential offered by
ReWire support in GigaStudio 3 for a more seamless integration of my
studio environment," comments Oscar Winning composer Hans Zimmer.

Here's what ReWire does:

* Real-time streaming of up to 256 individual audio channels from one application to another with ReWire 2 (up to 64 with ReWire 1).

* Real-time streaming of up to 4,080 individual MIDI channels from one application to another (255 MIDI buses with 16 channels per bus) with ReWire 2.

* High-precision synchronization-complete, glitch-free sync between applications, with no settings to configure and no parameters to worry about.

* Common transport functions-if two ReWired applications have built-in sequencers of some sort, one can play, stop, and rewind in either application, and they will both locate to the same position.

* Additional querying-with ReWire 2, one application can "ask" the other about audio channel names and other session information.

No additional installation or setup is required for ReWire. All ReWire-capable applications installed in a user's system automatically show up in the master application's ReWire list and are ready to use.

For software manufacturers, implementing ReWire 2 into applications is free of charge, though Propellerhead Software does require information about ReWire implementation in other software programs. Developer information can be found at http://www.propellerheads.se/developer/

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