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Promo Only Music – The Best just got Better...

Published Dec 16, 2009
DFF Audio

Introducing Express Audio Digital File Format (DFF)!
Announcing the new‚ FASTER way to receive the newest top 40‚ hip-hop‚ rock‚ dance and country releases — all on one DVD-Rom‚ delivered weekly‚ tagged with artist‚ title and BPM‚ and ready to drag and drop to your hard drive...

What is Express Audio DFF?
Express Audio DFF (digital file format) provides weekly delivery of the newest releases as high-quality lossless files on DVD-Rom‚ ready for drag-and-drop transfer to your hard drive.
Each weekly issue will feature approximately 20 new top 40‚ urban‚ rock‚ dance and country releases as Lossless Digital Audio files‚ with each track conveniently tagged to include artist‚ title‚ BPM‚ and more!
A quick look at the benefits of DFF

  • Featuring 20–25 new pop‚ dance‚ urban‚ rock and country releases per DVD-Rom with weekly delivery
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Tagged to include artist‚ title‚ BPM and more
  • Billed monthly (credit card required)
  • Average of 40% smaller file size then WAV (example: 40MB wav is reduced to a 25MB lossless file)
  • Superior quality to MP3
  • Support for iPod‚ iPhone‚ or other Apple Lossless compatible decoding devices
  • The ability to transfer from Apple Lossless into any other audio format without generation loss

Express Audio DFF offers you all the convenience of monthly billing‚ with no long-term commitment for the highest quality Audio files available.
Express Audio DFF Plus CD brings you 4 weekly DVD-Roms and one monthly selection CD per month
Express Audio DFF Plus DVD brings you 4 weekly DVD-Roms and one monthly DVD selection per month
Subscription rollovers are available!

Also available on DVD: For more info on how you can enjoy the convenience of tagged MPEG-4 music video‚ delivered within days — not weeks — of their release‚ visit or call 407–331–3600 and ask about our weekly Express Video DFF!

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