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Pioneer Rekordbox 3.0 Released

Published Jul 16, 2014
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Pioneer Rekordbox

Pioneer’s  highly  popular rekordbox digital music management software adds more  music  access  functionality.  The rekordbox 3.0 software update adds new  capabilities  called  “MY TAG” and “MATCH” for adding keywords and mix information for each track to music.  It also includes a “PREVIEW” function that  let  users  play  and  check  music  directly  from a list, “PLAYLIST PALETTE” function to display up to five playlists with the ability to edit, as well as a “SYNC MANAGER” function for synchronizing playlists from other software  locations  and  devices  (rekordbox/iTunes/USB  storage  devices, etc.).

The   rekordbox  3.0  software  can  be  downloaded  free  of  charge  from  and  enables  management  of  music  files  stored  on a Mac computer or PC.  The simple to use software analyzes music information such as  beat position and BPM and gives users the ability to configure and save music   points  (cues/loops/hot  cues)  for  advanced  preparation  for  DJ



Key Functions:

  •    MY  TAG  ?  Users can add key words to music files for quick and instant access
  •    PREVIEW ? Enables users to play and check music directly from a list
  •    MATCH  ?  Allows selection of music most suited to the mix by adding mix information for each track
  •    RELATED  TRACKS ? Automatically selects and lists related music from set condition
  •    SHORTCUT  ?  Enables  playlists  and  playlist folders to be recorded as bookmarks
  •    PLAYLIST  PALETTE  ? Displays up to five playlists from a list, with the ability  for  the  user  to  move  music  while checking the destination playlists
  •    BEAT JUMP ? Enables movement by specified number of beats and bars


Additional Features:

  •    Full-color waveform display
  •    Artwork display support for intuitive selection of music from a list
  •    Memory cues/hot cues settings with comments and colors
  •    Play/stop music and set cues with mouse clicks
  •    2PLAYER function enables users to check compatibility of two songs
  •    Master tempo is supported for changes to music tempo and changes to key
  •    Beat  grid  display  uses  a  new  analysis  algorithm for beat position
  •    resulting in greater accuracy
  •    Ability to write data to music stored on external HDD
  •    Playlists  and  music data can be exported even while carrying out other
  •    operations
  •    Increased music import speed


The  rekordbox  3.0  software  is  compatible  with various Pioneer digital players  including  the CDJ-2000NXS, CDJ-2000, CDJ-900NXS, CDJ-900, CDJ-850 and CDJ-350.

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