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OtsDJ Pro Video, Karaoke and Automated Beat Mixing

Published May 1, 2007

Video, Karaoke and Automated Beat Mixing now offered by OtsDJ Pro


Ots Corporation has released OtsDJ Pro 1.75 with Video and Karaoke modules. OtsDJ is a Windows based music/audio/video playback and management program now with automated beat mixing, extraordinary time-scaling, broadcast quality video and a reliably smooth ticker.


OtsDJ's core quality features have attracted a diverse range of users, in 52 nations, comprising of professional DJs, radio and TV broadcasters, background music/media providers, and A/V enthusiasts.


OtsDJ Pro 1.75 can produce quality, accurate, professional automated beat mixing (ABM), or turn off ABM to create completely manual mixes. The DJ need only set the match-points, transition lengths, and non-percussive intensity values once, and ABM will then mix into any other beat-tracked song professionally and smoothly. This technology will automatically and effectively beat mix virtually unlimited song combinations, creating a fully automated system perfect for broadcasting or background music. It also frees up the DJ to leave the console and entertain the crowd, and of course it is a known fact that interactive entertainer DJs can earn more for their services. Supporting the ABM function is automated beats-per-minute detection and the ability to time-scale video, audio or CD+G right down to stationary and up to double-speed.


OtsDJ Video Module:

The new OtsDJ Video module produces smooth, full-motion video output. Among the features of OtsDJ's new Video (and Karaoke) module is the ability to correctly display aspect ratios, preventing disproportionate stretching or shrinking. To further enhance the visual appeal of non-widescreen videos, OtsDJ provides an embellishment option, which replaces the black-bar areas to fill the screen while maintaining the correct source video aspect ratio. In the absence of video content or when play is stopped, the slideshow mode dissolves between multiple JPEGs. With 20 truly smooth video mix transitions, smooth scrolling ticker, “music video TV show” style animated titling, and JPEG slideshow, OtsDJ Video creates a professional live production.


OtsDJ Karaoke CD+G Module:

Combine the Video and Karaoke modules to play video and karaoke content on the same system. The smoother ticker adds the ability to announce the next singer or make general announcements while CD+G based Ots files play. The ticker will continue to work through breaks and when normal audio is playing, during which a JPEG image or two alternating JPEGs can be displayed. Mix CD+G tracks with IntelliFade™ mixing or even auto beat mix if desired.


System Requirements

Windows 2000/XP


Be sure to download latest drivers for your audio and video cards to produce optimum output.


Price and Availability

Special introductory pricing below. Limited offer.

OtsDJ Pro 1.75 is currently priced at US$349.95*

Video Module is currently priced at US$299.95*

Karaoke Module is currently priced at US$99.95*

* certain commercial usages may require different licensing terms (see EULA).


Your fully functioning 30-day demo is available to download at: www.otsdj.com/download/otsdjdemo.html

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