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Oscar Winning Sound Designer Sees the Future with the Zoom H4n

Published Feb 17, 2009
Zoom H4n

Frank Serafine is one of the most well-known and revered sound designers in Hollywood. A veteran of over 30 years, Frank has contributed his audio expertise to landmark films such as Field of Dreams, Star Trek, Tron and The Hunt for Red October, for which he shared the Academy Award for sound editing.  
Now, during production of the new film Hole in the Head, he is using Zoom’s H4n recorder exclusively to record on the set of this groundbreaking documentary.  Serafine is the first person in the world to put the new H4n recorder through its paces in one of the most professionally challenging settings possible.

As a long time user of Zoom’s first two recorders, he was already familiar with the performance and audio quality of the company’s products. “This new H4n has such great audio quality; it really levels the playing field for everyone. Now, a computer and an H4n are all you need to do professional sound for a movie,” notes Serafine.

“I’m using the H4n everyday,” he says. “We record all the dialogue on the set with it. I use my external mics on channels one and two and at the same time, I use the onboard mics to record room ambiance. On break, we move all the audio files using a card reader… This is the way sound will be done in future media production,” added Serafine.

With a host of features intent on improving audio quality and user experience, the H4n takes functionality to the next level. As Zoom’s most sophisticated handheld recorder to date, it’s poised to become one of 2009’s most versatile audio products in a number of applications.    

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