Sep 27, 2023

New low-priced OtsAV released by Ots Labs

Published Oct 12, 2007

Introducing OtsAV, a breakthrough new all-in-one product that's packed with all former OtsDJ technologies, Vista 32-bit compatible, and available for the new low price of US$299.95. OtsAV combines the technology previously found in OtsDJ Pro, Video Module, Karaoke CD+G Module and Scheduling & Logging Module.

OtsAV is available as OtsAV Free and OtsAV Pro.

OtsAV Pro is designed for professional and commercial use and includes additional features:

  • Cue Channel Output
  • Multi Sound Card Support
  • Record (save as wave)
  • Shoutcast Output (Webcast)
  • Live Audio Input
  • Commercially Playout / Broadcast (see license agreement)
  • and more...

The power of OtsAV Pro is available for just US$299.95.

With the backing of 7 years of audio/video software innovation, OtsAV is set to take the Audio/Video industry by storm!

For years this technology has been adopted and praised by professional DJs, radio stations, TV broadcasters, background music/media providers, and AV enthusiasts. Now we want everyone to experience this powerful software, so we're making it more accessible to all with the low-priced OtsAV Pro and the free OtsAV Free.

OtsAV Free allows free use of all our technologies for as long as you like for private, non-commercial use, or for evaluating the technology for commercial use.

Download it at

System Requirements

Windows 2000, XP or Vista (32-bit).


Be sure to download latest drivers for your audio and video cards to produce optimum output.


Price and Availability

OtsAV Pro – US$299.95.

OtsAV Free is available for download at:

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