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NAMM 2007 MixVibes U46MK2

Published Feb 8, 2007

During Winter NAMM 2007 the national digital development team from MixVibes won rave reviews for their contribution to the digital DJ.

MixVibes displayed thier new MixVibes U46 MK2 that is an ideal mobile recording interface for both laptop and desktop computers. It offers a 4-IN / 6-OUT multi-channel audio interface with a separate Mix output. 2 Phono inputs make the unit a perfect portable solution for digital DJs.


U46MK2's flexible 4 inputs provide you to record from a variety of sources:

NAMM 2007 MixVibes U46MK2-Body

- 2 Phono / Line inputs,

- 2 stereo Line inputs,

- MIC input with +48V phantom power

- Hi-Z (For Electric Guitar) input



Multi-channel outputs with Mix out 6 line level analog outputs allow you to connect various external devices or to a 5.1 DVD surround connection.

A separate Mix output and headphone output allows you to monitor your sound system directly.

U46MK2 offers all these features in a rugged, compact package that can travel with you anywhere.



- 4-in 6-out multi purpose USB audio interface

- 2 phono inputs and 4 line inputs

- Microphone inputs with gain control

- +48V phantom power for condenser mic.

Direct instrument input for Electric guitars (Hi-Z) with gain control.

- 6 line analog outputs with separate mix output

- Headphone output with level control

- 4 channel recording and 6 channel playback at the same time; full duplex

- 4-in 6-out at 44.1 kHz / 4-in 4-out at 48 kHz

- WDM, MME, ASIO, and DirectSound support

- Ultimate Audio Tools software package with

- The full version of MixVibes 3DEX- Compatible with Windows XP (strongly recommend Service Pack2) and MAC OS/X

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