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Mixware Appointed as DJ-Tech Distributor for USA

Published May 30, 2014

Mixware, LLC is pleased to announce its appointment as U.S. distributor for DJ and Live Sound manufacturer, DJ-Tech. DJ-Tech designs a wide range of audio products including the popular DIF-1S battle mixer, the upcoming LF-12 high torque turntable and TRX mixer developed in cooperation with Thud Rumble.

The DIF-1S will be available once again via Mixware, starting in June. At a street price of $199, the DIF-1S is the most affordable mixer in the market to include the Mini-Innofader crossfader with full curve adjustment and reverse switch, direct connections for a DVS sound card, and an all around solid build.

DJ Qbert on the DJ Tech DIF-1S: “When today’s mixers become too confusing and overpriced, why not bring it back to simplicity and offer the flexibility to be in “timecode” mode for those DJs who want the quick in and out mixer for their Traktor or Serato setups.“

The LF-12 high torque turntable will be released later this summer at an projected street price of $349.99. The LF-12 boasts a unique set of features that is sure to make it stand apart from the crowd, including dual outputs to connect two DJ mixers, so teams and battles can share the center turntables, and DVS send/return connections to keep a sound card connected and switch between DVS and analog modes.

The upcoming Thud Rumble TRX battle mixer is an upgrade from the previous limited edition TR-1S. It features the premium contactless Innofader Pro crossfader, balanced XLR outputs, direct post-fader output for each channel, hi-pass/low-pass filter on each channel, adjustable fader curves and reverse, aluminum faceplate, and much more.

Yogafrog of Thud Rumble says “Taking our cue from previous DJ mixer design innovations, we conceptualized, designed and produced what would arguably be the best scratch mixer ever built.”

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